You Are Not Your Name:
Whisperings about Your Body, Soul, God, Laws, Karma & Free Will

Read the FULL article BEFORE you write this off as too controversial – think about it for 24 hours until the your perception of truth rises: 

Truth Passes Through Three Stages: 
First, It Is Ridiculed. 
Second, It Is Violently Opposed. 
Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident.


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You Are Not Your Name:  Your Body & Soul
You are not your body (remind yourself every day).
You are not your name – which is the name of your body.
Your body is emotions, thoughts, sensations, 5 senses, mind, spirit.
Your soul is nameless and formless.
You the soul can travel through time and space, through all The 7 Dimensions of The Universe.

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Oh My God: God & Man-Made Laws
If God is nameless and formless, has no body and no religion, then our souls too is the same as God and is eternal.
God is Man’s greatest invention and product of imagination.
God and religion are two of Man’s greatest follies.
Such fools humans are to claim who God is and what truth is.
Truth in reality is your perception.
There is not one only way, not one only truth, and not one only life.
God’s laws and all laws are all man-made laws.
Animals do not have or follow any laws.
There are no Universal Laws or Spiritual Laws but laws of physics.

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Karma or Free Will?

Karma is not a Universal Law. Karma is not God. Karma is not punishment or reward for the Soul. Karma is not Free Will or Predestiny. Karma is not debt.
Yet Karma is about life lessons, connections, meeting all aspects about myself mirrored through people, animals, living beings, and all things.
Karma is like Water – it becomes the shape it is in.
But Karma is not the 5 Elements or the Planets though astrology can reveal the inner mysterious ways of Karma and Soul.
Karma just is. Don’t try to make sense of it. It’s pointless to define Karma.


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You The Fool in The Road Less Traveled
We start out our life journey as The Fool in The Fool’s Journey. 

We are protected from harm when we remain innocent.
The moment we play it out as though it matters, we lose our innocence.
Play it out as though it matters but don’t be attached to anything or anyone.
We start to be attached to our roles we play, we start to identify with our body, our beauty, and our body’s disorders (we start labeling our disorders like Bipolar Disorder, 
Narcissistic Disorder and it becomes our ego) and dis-ease.
This is the true irony of The Road Less Traveled – The Road Not Taken.

Humans like ‘Adam & Eve’ by eating the Forbidden Fruit of Consciousness, we become limited human beings from pure humans.


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The 5 Phases of Knowing
I move from I don’t know what I don’t know (child-like innocence, my blindspots),

to I know what I don’t know (my limitations),
to I don’t know what I know (my hidden talents),
to I know what I know (my knowledge, expertise, skills),
and return to I don’t know what I don’t know (wisdom, surrender, return to innocence).


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By Robren, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Angel Brenda)

Published on 25th July 2018.
Updated on 10th September 2018.

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