Choose Your Favorite Folly: Your Role, God, Religion, Love, Relationship, Personality, Pastime, Wealth, Diet, Dream, & Job.

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Choose a folly and play it out as though it matters knowing all the time it doesn’t.
~ Robren

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We start out our life journey as The Fool in The Fool’s Journey.

We are protected from harm when we remain innocent.
The moment we play it out as though it matters, we lose our innocence.
Play it out as though it matters but don’t be attached to anything or anyone.
We start to be attached to our roles we play, we start to identify with our body, our beauty, and our body’s disorders (we start labeling our disorders like Bipolar Disorder,
Narcissistic Disorder and it becomes our ego) and dis-ease.
This is the true irony of The Road Less Traveled – The Road Not Taken.

You The Fool In The Road Less Traveled


Q. What is your favorite folly (a foolish act, idea, or practice)?
A. For me, my favorite follies I consciously chose in my past chapters of my life were Vanguard (an school extracurricular activity as from age 7 to 17), Cult’s Instrument (my years in a doomsday cult called Brahma Kumaris: 1979-1989), New Ager (1990-1996), Rainbow Master (1996-1997), Wizard (1997-2015), Papillon-Butterfly Coach (from 2011 to present), Whisperer (from 2016), Robren TwinSouls (from 2013), Afterlife Channel Host (from 2017), Short Story Storyteller (from 12th July 2018), Venture Builder (from 22nd July 2018 ), TeeMessenger (from 23rd July 2018), CultBuster (from 28th August 2017). Investigative Journalist, …

Q. What are Types of Follies?
A. Character Role, Identity, Image, Job, Ideology, GodReligion, Spirituality, Way of Life, Philosophy, Diet, Wishful Thinking, Dream, Truth, Love, Belonging, Relationship, Health Craze, Wealth, Purpose, Pastime, Career, a Personality Act, Personality Dress, etc.


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#RobrenTeeMessages by Robren
Written by Robren

Robren is the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda (Robert’s late wife). Robert is the writer and whisperer of Angel Brenda from The Afterlife. Robren’s mission is bringing light, truth, and love in darkness, corruption, tyranny, falsehood, judgments, hatred and intolerance in community, races, and religions.

Published: 25th July 2018.
Updated: 7th April 2020.
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