It just is.
Why make sense of it.

The Meaning:
“Often events happen naturally.
Why waste your energy trying to understand the actions of others
– a senseless killing, a celebrity suicide, or an insensitive remark from a stranger.
Accept rather than judge.”
~ Robren

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#RobrenTeeMessages by Robren

Robren is the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda (Robert’s late wife). Robert is the thinker, writer, speaker, and whisperer of Angel Brenda from The Afterlife. Robren’s mission is bringing light, truth, and love in darkness, corruption, tyranny, falsehood, fake news, lies, propaganda, victim-hood, attachments, sorrow, grieving, addictions, gender inequality, judgments, hatred and intolerance in community, races, and religions.

Published on 24th July 2018.
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