What type of Color HUNTER are you?
Do you see the world in BLACK and white, or also with shades of colors?

My interpretation what this t-shirt words mean:

Q1. What type of Hunter are you?
● For me, The type of hunter I am is I give you enough rope to trap yourself. I’m a Mirror. What you see in me are aspects of yourself.


Q2. Do you know what or who are you hunting?
● For me, what I’m hunting is a Seed Investor for 4 New Category e-commerce aps. Yesterday I attracted one.

● For me, who I’m hunting is my future wife – her possible names or nicknames are Gabriela, Annie, HoneyLulu. She is possibly be an Eurasian, Westerner mix, maybe have blond hair or dyes her hair blond (that’s all I have right now).

Q3. How do you see the world?
● For me, I see the world in shades of grey, and shades of the rainbow colors – not just black and white.

● There is no right or wrong.

● Everything is relative.

● There is no truth. Truth is what you make out of it. Truth is all in what you think.

● Fake news is probably the biggest problem of social media information.
“If you do not read the news, you are uninformed.
If you do read the news, you are misinformed.”

[Photo credit: Wataru Yoshiyama, Tokyo]



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#TShirtStory Series by Robert Chaen

Written by Robert Chaen, CEO of Robert Chaen International and ChangeU International
Published on 23rd July 2018
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