Make More Money than a Uber Driver
Be a Freelance Change Agent to Transform Organizations

ChangeU International is actively looking for ChangeU Franchise Freelance Consultant for:

5 Bestselling ChangeU Offerings:

1. Change University: Training & Consulting

2. Movsha: Movers & Shakers Speakers

3. TDash: Training, Talent Acquisition & HR Metrics Dashboard

4. BorneoHunter: Executive Search

5. Chaen’s Angels: Venture Capital


# 5 Brands - CU, MoV, BH, TDash & VC - No.1 Change Experts



Benefits of joining ChangeU Franchise Team

● Famous brand. ChangeU is well known in the HR, training, talent acquisition industries.

● Supported by the ChangeU Professional Team with full marketing, advertising, social media and strong employer branding.

● ChangeU have over 50 subject Matter Experts and Trainers.

● ChangeU long-term plans is to certify Local ChangeU Trainers under you, your organization, or your City/Country.

● Attractive high multiple income
No, you don’t need to be GRAB Driver, face danger and hostile customers to make extra money. Grow your long-term ChangeU Franchise with us.

● Build your Business Network – through MoVsha Movers & Shakers Network.

● Freelance Consultants are free to build their business in any City or Country – unless there is a Sole Franchise Holder which will not happen for another 2 years (that’s the time needed to assess a Sole Franchise Holder which has Turnover Quotas and KPIs whereas Freelancers simply choose the Priority Offerings and adjust their time available.
Special One-off Special Offer: ChangeU will waive off 100% ChangeU Certification Fee which is worth US$3,750/ RM15,000 – with you sign up before 31 October 2018.

Contact ChangeU Franchise Team through this website for details today.


ChangeU Top 5 PowerWorkshops


ChangeU International: No.1 Change Experts for Fortune 500 Corporations

ChangeU Professional is the #1 largest Resources Provider of The Top 100+ Consulting-Recruiting Experts and Keynote Speakers in their industries.

ChangeU has been perfecting the Art & Science of Change since 1990. The regional HQ is in Hong Kong. It offers learning, consulting, executive search, and movers & shakers key speakers

ChangeU has initiated successful transformation in Fortune 500 corporations and top brands like Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, HK Airport Services, Berjaya, Nestle, Samsung and Naza.

Many thanks.

Warmest regards,

Robert Chaen
CEO, ChangeU

USA: +1650 353 7553
Hong Kong, China & East Asia: +852 8192 8200
Malaysia & S.E. Asia+6012 231 4628 / +603 7732 8628


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Written by Robert Chaen, CEO of ChangeU
Published on 10th July 2018
Updated on 19th July 2018.
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