Underaged Child Marriages breed Paedophiles and Lust among Horny Old Men.

Whoever supports underaged child marriages can let his/her underaged daughter marry FIRST.
Would YOU agree to have your 11 year-old daughter marry a 41-year old?
This is 2018. Stop this social cancer, period.

Underaged girl marriages must not be allowed in 2018, no matter what a religion allows. There are paedophile and underaged marriage laws. Religions are struggling to be relevant in many issues in today’s society.

Whether the debate that Aisha was 6 or 9 years when she got married or Muhammad had 11 wives is irrelevant in 2018. Aisha was way underaged. Unfortunately some followers misuse the interpretation of holy books and shariah laws.

Underaged Child Muslim Marriages

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Published on 9th July 2018.


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Sweden has legalized child marriages For Muslim refugees who come from countries where Sharia was the law of the land


View this viral video 60 Minutes on Sweden’s 55 Muslim No Go Zones, Media Attacks & Immigration Crisis

Sweden is a Victim of its own Humanity by opening its doors to 165,000 refugees in 2015 alone. TV program 60 Min addressing Sweden’s now catastrophic Immigrant crisis. This is only a small part of the film 60 minutes report. What the film team experiences is horrible but mild compared to what normal so called white Swedes will have to face in many places in Sweden. And now also in Finland City Center the railway Station. Believe it or not but there are at the time officially 55 No Go Zones in Sweden, which is about to reach the breaking point!

Sweden needs to start admitting the facts and not be politically correct to hide the truth. There is certainly nothing against Muslims praying and believing their religion. But the second it affects our lives and safety, their responsibility to be questioned. Same would be for Christians, Buddhists, Jews, or Hindus. Equal rights is all Europeans are asking for. But Muslims oppress women rights through Honour killings and their Sharia law. These human rights issues are what matters to a civilised society.