The World’s Most Shameless, Hypocrite Thief & Liar Najib Razak Family

When a US$4.5B shameless super thief begs for donation, and his wife, sons, daughters, and stepchildren shop in Bijan, party in Taiwan, gamble in Las Vegas, and enjoy his loot and properties hidden in major cities – stolen from many struggling Malaysian taxpayers… will you not be angry…

No, you can’t gag us all!
You can’t fool us all.


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MALAYSIANajib’s Son Spotted Blowing Off Steam With Taiwanese Actress
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Jho Low is the close business partner of Najib’s son Riza Aziz (Red Granite) and Najib’s family regularly meet and party with Jho Low around the world, in Taiwan, in Phuket, Macau – yet Najib claims he has no more (direct) connection with Jho Low, the joint-mastermind of 1MDB scandal. Much loot, properties and assets have already been hidden away in major cities. Many Malaysians are in denial and are being fooled to give donations to Najib’s legal fees in 1MDB case.

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By Robert Chaen
Published on 9th July 2018

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The despicable, greedy fox trying to sue, gag, lie, pretend, get donation but can’t outwit the old, wise fox.


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“I didn’t know there were US$681m in my private account,  but I knew 2½ bars of chocolate were missing.” ~ Najib

Chocolate were missing