Q. Did I waste my years with Brahma Kumaris?
A. No and yes.

NO, it is not a waste of time.
For those who think they had wasted their years with Brahma Kumaris, let me share my story and assure you with another perspective.

I dedicated 10 years of my life to BKs in the evenings and weekends while working in the advertising, copywriting and marketing industry. Through my own personal efforts (outside Shiva Baba’s Shrimat, luckily I did not entirely let Dadis and Dr. Nirmala control my major career decisions), I learnt many life lessons, learn how to deal with public figures, celebrities, politicians and religious leaders, and did community service. I build many strong leaders who were sent to many other BK centres, therefore I had an opportunity to master my leadership skills.

Most importantly, I mastered my writing, speaking, presentation, leadership, event planning, and PR skills which later I created a training start-up and became an entrepreneur.

I also met many good people in BKs, some are still very close like my spiritual sisters and brothers such as Ann Tan (ex-BK, one of the very first BKs in Kuala Lumpur), and Harry Ong (Ex-BK from Cheras BK Centre). Harry’s daughter Stella requested me to be her only GodFather when she was 10 years old.

But there are always good people (and bad people) in any religion and cult. Hitler and Nazis had many good people, engineers, scientists, professionals but Nazism was one of the darkest ideologies in history. Shiva Baba and BKs are a dangerous doomsday cult with massive cover-up of countless marriage and family breakups.

If you look at the positive side, list out all the good things during your BK years.

Another unexplored issue is Big Religious Karmic Debt. From my understanding of Karma, it is also your Karma from past lives that you had to settle or be punished by being ultra-austere and not enjoying normal human living, food, sex, and isolation. Many BKs and EX-BKs don’t realize BK Maryadas are actually a form of punishment for past abuses. In other words, your BK life was meant to be as a big Karmic Life Lesson. Nothing happens by chance.

Had I knew Brahma Kumaris was one of my 3 Big Karmic Debts as I know now from my Soul Whisperings with my Angel Brenda, I would have left BKs upon self-realization and shorten my Karmic Life Lesson.


YES, it was a waste of time.
I will be the first to admit that it was MY DECISION to willingly join BKs, even though it was my brother Tom who convinced me and I was brainwashed by Shiva Baba’s Murlis, Dadis and Dr.Nirmala.

One time in 1991 when I was attending a 90-day personal growth workshop I flew home from Hong Kong to my hometown and asked my parents for forgiveness especially my giving up my university studies, and causing so much suffering when I isolated and renounced my parents and family. I also forgave my parents for my hangups.

Having said that, there is a concept called Opportunity Cost. By choosing to dedicate my life to BKs, I also chose to give up my university studies, career ambitions, finances, and married life during that period.

After 10 years I walked away from a very high position in the Brahma Kumaris hierarchy when I realized Brahma Kumaris is a doomsday cult who break up countless marriages and families. I cut my losses, and rebuild my life. I had outgrown the BK religion and my core values were in conflict with the BK religion.

One of my quickest ways of ‘getting BK out my system’ was to go another country. I went from Malaysia to Hong Kong to rebuild my life from scratch.

I became well known as the CEO-Celebrity Coach in my field and industry for my expert consultancy work and many CSR initiatives, with countless graduates, fans, and social media readers – numerous times more than when I was a BK – that’s what I mean by Opportunity Cost. (see Robert Chaen biodata )

You really don’t need Brahma Kumaris or any religion to be moral, professional, with high integrity.  But I advocate Spirituality which is way bigger and more universal than all religions.


Did I waste my years with BKs

The late Dadi Prakash Mani first visit to the main BK Centre, Bangsar, Malaysia. (Robert Chaen waving & standing 6th from right)



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Written by Robert Chaen
Published on 14th June 2018
Updated on 18th August 2018.
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