The Head dictates the Tail.
If the Head is corrupt like Kleptocrat ex-PM Najib, all the way down to the tail will also be corrupt.
Investigate all Government Procurement Bodies and GLC Procurement Departments . Remember how during Malaysia Airlines restructuring, it had to terminate its 16,000 out of 20,000 suppliers because of overpricing.
The Malaysian medicine monopoly companies acted as “tendering agents” over a four-year period between 2013 and 2016, reaping contracts worth a total of RM3.7 billion.
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From the ridiculous RM85,000 pm salary of the Executive Chairman, it is obvious that Mavcom and other Government Agencies are suspiciously just rent-seekers of the Najib’s Gravy Train. (read more >> )
Watch the next 2 months how these Government Agencies and GLCs try to cover their asses to justify their fat salaries.

By Robert Chaen

Published on 14th June 2018.