Brahma Kumaris Cult 101 Guide

By Robert Chaen
Ex-BK (1979-1989), world’s second Chinese BK, and Co-Founder of BK Malaysia

Since Robert’s Brahma Kumaris YouTube videos and articles have gone viral, Robert has been swarmed by many Ex-BKs and family members of BKs desperately wanting help. He has written a useful, self-help BK Cult 101 Guide on WHAT you can do if you have a BK family member, spouse, or friend.


10 Sub-Topics covered:
● Who are the Brahma Kumaris?
● Brahma Kumaris is listed in the Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List

● Massive cover-up of countless Brahma Kumaris failed marriages and families
● What you can do if your spouse, family member, or friend is in a Cult
● Joining Ex-BK groups and Cult Awareness Groups
● Useful Cult Awareness Websites, YouTube Channels, Social Media:
● Using Professional Cult Mediation Services
● How YOU can support: Through Cult-Buster Activism and Media Exposé
● Warning Celebrities, Politicians, Tycoons, Religious and Community Leaders about BKs
● Organizing Brahma Kumaris Cult talks and media interviews


Who are the Brahma Kumaris?
In a nutshell, Brahma Kumaris (or BKWSU, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) actively proselytize their extremist Doomsday Cult isolation ideologies under the guise of Raja Yoga Meditation Centres – with 825,000 regular students in over 8,500 centres in 100 countries (2008).


Brahma Kumaris is listed in the Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List

There are many varieties of Cults. Find out which organizations are listed.


Massive cover-up of countless Brahma Kumaris failed marriages and families
Many BK couples give the false, deceptive impression that they are still in a marriage when in reality BK couples are living extremely strict, celibate, and separate lives as ‘brother & sister’ instead of ‘husband & wife, and often times in separate rooms. (Note: if a journalist needs to talk to a failed BK marriage, contact Robert as he has verified cases)

What you can do if your spouse, family member, or friend is in a Cult

Many families feel utterly helpless to save their BK family member but there is HOPE and there are many little things YOU CAN DO:

● Tone way down your rhetoric.

● Don’t attack the cult member, otherwise they will shut down and refuse to listen you.

‘Pretend ‘ to show interest in learning BK knowledge, then ask them how to answer your friends’ questions.

Ask BKs to explain any of these 30+ statements in #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain series.
You may slowly, mindfully, and gently open a small door or a tiny window for a BK to allow themselves the rightly permission to freely question Shiva Baba and his delusional teachings.

● Google and join an Ex-Cult Group, or create a small support group in your town.
Talk privately with your parents, relatives, siblings, friends – you need a good support group for yourself and family first before you try to save your BK family member.

● Subtly show Robert’s YouTube videos and articles on cults especially the Brahma Kumaris Cult and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) Cults. His original video  has gone viral with 12,000+ views.
See reference links below.

● Prevent the BK Cult Cancer from spreading by emailing and warning as many friends.


Joining Ex-BK support groups, forums, and Cult Awareness groups
Brahma Kumaris Cult Facebook open group (created by Robert Chaen)  (the most active BK forum, run by credible and knowledgeable Ex-BKs).


Useful Cult Awareness Websites, YouTube Channels, Social Media:
Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List 2018: (created by Robert Chaen).

Check out who is in the Cult List. This list is regularly updated with new cults identified by our staff or from readers’ input.
Saving 72 Virgins YouTube  (created by Robert Chaen)
Saving 72 Virgins Facebook page
  (created by Robert Chaen)
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)
Cult News 101 Facebook page: news stories about cults, cultic groups, abusive relationships, movements, religions, politics and alternative medicine.


Using Professional Cult Mediation Services
Robert can recommend you highly reputable Cult Mediation Services Experts with BK experience. The fees are not cheap as this is a Specialist field and every Cult case is unique. It is very time consuming and there is no guarantee if the cult member will ever leave the BK cult – as Shiva Baba has a firm but never infallible control over BKs. It is definitely worthwhile for some who can afford it to use these invaluable services. Pm him here if you want to explore this option.



How YOU can support: Through Cult-Buster Activism and Media Exposé 
Be an active Cult-Buster Activist by joining Brahma Kumaris Cult Facebook group, and writing comments and sharing your BK experience in Saving 72 VirginsAfterlife Channel, and

Give interviews with your local Media TV and news channels.

Warning Celebrities, Politicians, Tycoons, Religious and Community Leaders about BKs
Warn public figures supporting Brahma Kumaris – write, warn and explain to them professionally and briefly – mention 3 key facts why Brahma Kumaris is a dangerous, family destroying doomsday cult.

Media interviews
If the Journalist want a Brahma Kumaris Cult Expert-Authority and Ex-BK input, please text Robert in this channel. He tries to answer the Media as much as he can either by Skype or face-to-face interview if he is in the country. Please be aware Robert is extremely busy – give him enough time to respond. Often he doesn’t even have time to say thank you to well-wishes. He runs 7 businesses and brands, 10+ Social Media CSR (corporate social responsibility) Platforms and YouTube Channels.

He channels and writes about his Afterlife conversations with her Twin Soul & Love Angel Brenda. He produces videos as the Show Host of the Afterlife Channel. He wrote 2 Afterlife e-books which is accessible for free at

Hopefully some big International TV Media will expose Shiva Baba and Brahma Kumaris deceptions in a documentary like how BBC exposed Sathya Sai Baba as a Paedophile & Magic Trickster in 2004:

Final Note:

Some trolls have accused Robert for getting famous, popular, and getting likes for his social media platforms by exposing Brahma Kumaris. He is already well known in his field and industry for his expert consultancy work and his many CSR initiatives (see Robert Chaen biodata). The truth is he is using his own money, resources, networking, time, energy, and passion to help people return Brahma Kumaris to their beloved families and be free.

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Written by Robert Chaen
Published on 7th June 2018
Updated on 28th December 2018.
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