10 Signs Why Najib Razak has Lost his Marbles and Delusional
By Robert Chaen

1. Najib is paranoid about yellow balloons, cartoons, and Petronas Towers (it was photoshopped out in his election manifesto).

2. He was ‘totally shattered’ when his grandiose world fell apart on election night. He was so intoxicated he will win big after using every trick in the book to gerrymander and steal an election.
He believed he was super-invincible, a ‘ Bugis warrior’, he removed the AG, sacked his DPM, promoted PAC, deregister Mahathir’s party, and delayed his party election more than the constitutional 18 months extension so no one can challenge him internally.

3. He believed he could form a 2/3 majority government with other parties when he asked Anwar Ibrahim, his enemy, for advice twice during election night as reported in SCMP.com

4. He still insist the donor is a Saudi royalty when US Department of Justice clearly declared that the $681m into MO1 private account was made by Eric Tan @Jho Low (Tanore Finance).

5. He believed that ‘cash is king’ and anything, anyone, and an election could be bought by his billions.

6. He thought he could flee in a tycoon’s friend’s private jet to Indonesia and pretended he wanted to go for a 2 day break.

7. He questioned why Khairy Jamaluddin didn’t tell him that he wasn’t on the right track. This Emperor without clothes is asking his closest aides why they didn’t tell him he had no clothes. His Deputy Prime Minister and a few others did and got sacked.

8. He demanded police protection. He fears his life is in danger when actually he put other people’s lives in danger, harm, jail, and punishment.

9. He was more upset about his chocolates were allegedly stolen by raiding policemen than the imminent 1MDB kleptocracy charges.

10. He proudly told people of Pekan in his maiden speech after being toppled: “I did not steal from the people” to shouts of “We love you Datuk Seri.”

From a psychological point of reference, Najib Razak is showing signs of self-denial and being delusional and psychotic. Why? Because he actually believes in his own BS.


Robert Chaen is the CEO of ChangeU, a thinker, speaker, strategist, writer, and whisperer of truth  

Published on 20 May 2018.
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