The Greatest Moments in Malaysian History Happening Everyday Since ‘Second Merdeka’ (10th May 2018)
By Robert Chaen

Malaysia is now the fastest moving history-making country in the world.
10th May 2018 is our Second Merdeka – the Dawning of a New Malaysia.

Fellow Malaysians do you realize we are witnessing the greatest moments in Malaysian history happening everyday since 10th May?

Malaysians and I can now say ‘I’m a proud Malaysian’ – after many years of being ashamed of the corruption cesspool, religious intolerance, and being labelled racial bogeymen.

Although the Malaysian Tsunami is moving forward at lightning speed, let’s have patience and give the reformed 92-year-old TDM the time & space to make right the massive mess left behind by a kleptocrat, kakistocrat and tyrant, ok?

If I read any of these newsflashes below before 10th May 2018, I would immediately declare “this is fake news!” I’m in absolute awe and rubbing my eyes to see if all these news are too good to be true. But the ‘too good to be true news’ happening everyday are all true – not fake news!

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The Greatest Moments in Malaysian History Happening Everyday Since ‘Second Merdeka’ (10th May 2018, in random order):

* The oldest Prime Minister elected in Earth’s history: Tun Dr. Mahathir at 92 years of age.

* Malaysia’s first women Deputy Prime Minister: Wan Azizah.
* Malaysia;s first Sikh minister (Communications and Multimedia Minister): Gobind Singh Deo 

* People Power aka The Malaysian Tsunami ended the world’s longest government rule in history: BN and UMNO.
* Najib Razak reluctantly conceded defeat and resigned as UMNO’s head.

* The first change of government in Malaysian history: Pakatan Harapan.
* Anwar Ibrahim pardoned by the King and freed from jail on 16 May 2018.
* Malaysia’s first Chinese Finance Minister after 44 years: Lim Guan Eng.
* The most magical press moment: “I don’t consider myself Chinese. I’m Malaysian” by Lim Guan Eng.

* GST to be removed by 1 June 2018.
* Heads of government-linked mainstream news New Straits Times, TV3, Utusan Melayu and Media Prima resigned.
* Islamofascist Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali resigns.
* A-G Apandi told to take leave.
* AGC, EC, MACC undergo institutional reform.
* Registrar of Societies (RoS) approves Harapan’s registration as a coalition (RoS deliberately de-registered PH a few weeks before GE14 after a 10 months’ wait)
* 17,000 political appointees to be removed.
* Tony Fernandes makes an apology video to cover his ass  (read about Tony Fernandes, The PR Opportunist: A costly lesson in integrity)
* Long list of passports banned from leaving the country, pending likely charges: Najib Razak & Rosmah Mansor stopped from fleeing the country 3 days after GE14 (their lame excuse: 2 day break in Indonesia flying in a tycoon’s private jet).
* A PM Dept van moved and hid Ex-PM wife Rosmah Mansor’s RM20m Birkin collection in their condo after their fleeing trip was aborted.
* Police confiscated 72 bags containing millions of cash in multiple foreign currencies, 100+ kg gold bars, watches and valuables, and 284 boxes of designer hangbags (Hermes, Birkin) in a raid on 5 private residences of Najib-Rosmah (ok, this is the least important news but many Rakyat want to see such poetic justice juicy news – just like the museum display of thousands of Imelda Marcos’ shoes in Manila).
* In explosive twist, wife says Amri nabbed by same cops who took Pastor Koh.
* Sarawak Report, Medium, Asia Sentinel access unblocked by MCMC.
* Clare Rewcastle-Brown of the Sarawak Report returns to Malaysia after the new government tore up an arrest warrant made against her.
* PetroSaudi whistleblower Xavier Justo meets Dr M twice.
* Exposed Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) instructed at least 11 internet service providers (ISPs) to block Malaysiakini’s three election result websites on polling night.

* No more Najib’s propagandist 1Malaysia & 1M slogans and greetings.
Najib went way overboard putting 1M in nearly every government department, initiative, cash handout. But Najib’s Achilles’ heel was 1MDB that got the Rakyat to change Malaysia’s captain and ship.
* 1MDB audit report officially declassified by the Auditor-General after a few years under the Official Secrets Act. “1MDB is worse than than we thought” Mahathir said.
* The Malaysian Game of Thrones:
The 4th PM (Mahathir) put the 8th PM (Anwar) in jail 20 years ago, but returned as the 7th PM to release the 8th PM and to put the 6th PM (Najib) in jail after the 6th PM put the 8th PM in jail. Truth is stranger than fictiononly in Malaysia.

* And more and more historical news and skeletons in the closet news coming soon…
The Truth is out there… coming next to Malaysia…

Everyday has been Malaysian history in the making since 10th May 2018.

Robert Chaen is the CEO of ChangeU, a thinker, speaker, strategist, writer, and whisperer of truth 

Published on 17 May 2018.
Updated on 22 May 2018.
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