Cult members have no normal life and no choices
A cult controls every aspect of their followers’ lives.

A cult brainwashes its followers to isolate and surrender their:

(hatred or intolerance to other religions)

Career ambitions
(only to glorify their cult)

Family life, relationships, relatives & friends

Food, drinks, sleep & dressing
(religious garb, uniform)

Wealth, money, % of income,
assets & properties

Pastimes & freedom
(classes, proselytizing 
service, less or no entertainment)

(pilgrimages, visiting cult places)


Cult members have no normal life and no choices
– like puppets with all life decisions made for them.
Cut the strings and be free.
~ Robrenda

NOTE:  Most regular cult members are expected to follow all the strict discipline and strict cult instructions from Cult Leaders and Seniors.
But not all cult members are strong in following all discipline, regular classes,  proselytizing service.

There are many different levels of cult members – from VIP-Celebrity types who don’t follow any cult strict discipline to regular followers and full-time cult teachers.

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Cult Controls all aspects


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By Robren, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Angel Brenda)

Published on 22nd March 2018.
Updated on 18th July 2018.

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