Brahma Kumaris have no normal life and no choices.
Shiva Baba (BK’s god) controls every aspect of Brahma Kumaris’ lives.

Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs to isolate and surrender their:

1)  Religion

2)  Career ambitions & academic studies
(“world destruction is coming soon”)

3)  Marriage & family life
(no sex, no new children, 
separate rooms)

4)  Relationships, relatives & friends

5)  Food & drinks
(no food cooked from outside, 
non-BKs & mothers)

6)  Sleep & dressing
(4am meditation daily, 
no makeup, white uniform)

7)  Wealth, money, % of income, assets & properties

8)  Pastimes & freedom
(daily Murli classes, proselytizing 
service, no entertainment)

9)  Holidays
(pilgrimages to Mt. Abu, visiting BK centres)

Brahma Kumaris have no normal life and no choices –
– like puppets with most major life decisions made for them.

Brahma Kumaris is a dangerous Doomsday Cult.
Cut the strings and be free.
~ Robrenda


Many BKs like to defend Shiva Baba (god of BKs) that he expects nothing in return from BKs. Really?
Shiva Baba expects EVERYTHING from regular BKs – money, time, dressing, marriage (husband & wife becomes brother & sister i.e. no sex, no new children), and ultimately isolation from ‘impure’ family members, relatives and friends – i.e. the 100% surrendered life of BKs.

Therefore, BKs (like many other cults) have no life of their own, with most major life decisions made for them through ‘Shrimat’, and totally controlled by Dadis, Senior BKs, and BK Centre-In-Charges.

NOTE:  Most regular Brahma Kumaris are expected to follow all the strict discipline (‘Maryadas’) and strict cult instructions from BK Seniors (‘Shrimat’).
But not all BKs are ‘pakar‘ (Hindi for strong: in all discipline, daily Murli classes, celibacy, service).

There are many different levels of Brahma Kumaris students – from VIP-Celebrity types who don’t follow any BK Maryadas (strict discipline e.g. 4am meditation, celibacy, strict vegetarian) to regular followers and centre-based resident BK teachers.

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Shiva Baba CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of Brahma Kumaris_ lives.


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By Robrenda
Published on 20 March 2018.
Updated on 21 March 2018.

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