21 Celebrities Sharing their Health Issues to End Stigma and related Helplines

Click the relevant HELPLINES if suspect you have any of these health issues.

Demi Lovato:  suicidal, Bipolar disorder is often a more severe side of depression        Suicidal helplines
Prince Harry: mental health

Lady Gaga: PTSD       
Selena Gomez: Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease
Jim Carrey:  depression
Tom Hanks:  Type 2 Diabetes
Julianne Hough: endometriosis (painful period)
Lena Dunham: OCD, anxiety, depression       OCD helplines
Cara Delevingne: depression, suicidal       National Suicide Hotline
Brooke Shields:  postpartum depression       Fertility Lifelines (1-866-538-7879)
Michael J. Fox:  Parkinson’s disease     research foundation
Rene Russo:  bipolar and depression, “Exercise and diet are important”
Michael Douglas:  tongue and throat cancer
Catherine Zeta-Jones:  bipolar disorder and depression
Paula Deen:  agoraphobia, a mental disorder that makes you afraid to leave the house
Emma Thompson:  depression, working and writing helped bring her out of it
Hayden Panettiere:   postpartum depression, she thinks the best remedy is to talk openly about it
Padma Lakshmi:  endometriosis, a reproductive disorder that can often cause uterine and ovarian cysts and extreme pain around one’s period       endometriosis awareness
Robin Roberts:  Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a rare type of blood cancer
Brittany Snow:  anorexia       National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
Carrie Fisher:  manic depression (bipolar disorder), anxiety and alcoholism
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