“We are not alone.
You come to us as our guardian angel,
in good and bad times,
whispering jewels of wisdom,
and shining a light along our way.”

Michael Chen Kim Foo
3rd Anniversary Memorial
12:03 am on First Day of
Chinese New Year

You are always in our hearts, Papa.
We are always in your angelic spirit.


My father crossed over peacefully at 12:03 am on 19 February 2015, 3 minutes after midnight on the first day of Chinese New Year. As he lived pass the ripe old age of over 90 years old (he was 93), it was considered very good Karma and auspicious. So we celebrated his memorial mass wearing red. Depending on which ethnic district origin (we are of Hakka ancestry) or relationship, normally the Chinese will wear black or white at memorials.

My mum has Penang Nyonya-Baba Hakka ancestry (Yeap surname) and my late Dad was Hakka from “Tsang Sing Heong Har. I took my parents and 2 brothers to Tsang-Chen ancestry village near Guangzhou, China in 2003 (at the end of the SARS year) – 2 hours from Hong Kong.


Tsang Sing Village Head

Head of Tsang Heung Har Village (middle), my parents, Tom (in sunshades), Andrew, his children Nicolle & Jonathan, ex-wife, Brenda & I  (December 2003)

You can read my online news article about Michael Chen Kim Foo: A tribute to an honorable man:


As my Dad crossed over on the first day of Chinese New Year, and my late wife and Twin Soul Brenda crossed over 2 days before Christmas, Christmas and Chinese New Year periods have been a quiet time of reflection, gratitude, and meditation for the last 4 years for me.

Papa's CNY Moth Afterlife Sign.jpg

Whispering to Dad:
Papa, Mimi is looking for an afterlife sign from you like last year: a moth which appeared 1 week before Chinese New Year 2017 and remained untouched for half year in the vacant gated front door of Mum’s next door neighbor condo.


Published on 16 February 2018 (1st Day of Chinese New Year)
Updated on 18 February 2018.