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#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series. Brahma Kumaris is The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult

#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series
Brahma Kumaris is The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult

[The article families & friends of BKs have been waiting for – ammunition to debate with BKs, to save BKs from the BK cult, and to return BKs back to their beloved families and friends]

Q.  Why is Brahma Kumaris the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult?
A.  Only BKs claim that ALL humans beings (an estimated 8.9 Billion) will die en masse by the end of the world in 2036 as predicted by their god Shiva Baba (at the end of Confluence Age which will also be the 100th Anniversary of BKs). And only BKs will born again as PERFECT humans-deities and rule a perfect Earth for 2,500 years.
No other religion makes such audacious and unbelievable claims.
Therefore, in my Cult Expert evaluation Brahma Kumaris is qualified to be The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult.

Watch YouTube video version of #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain

Little Foot - 1

3.6 million year old “Little Foot” proves Brahma Kumaris’ 5,000 years historical cycle is FALSE. Watch video >>

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain…
how was it possible that Perfect Human-Deities existed with No Suffering and No Wars in a Perfect Earth for 2,500 years.

Ancient Civilizations - Tut 2

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how only 1 perfect Deity Civilization existed 5,000 years ago when there are many Ancient Civilizations and native aboriginal tribes existed instead.

The Ancient Egyptian (circa 3,100 BC), Ancient Greek (2,700 BC), Mayan (2,600 BC), Indus Valley (2,600 BC), the Chinese Civilization (1,600 BC), and a 3.6 million year old human fossil called ‘Little Foot’ are PROOF that there were normal humans living more than 2,500 years ago. This proves that BK 5,000 Year Cycle and Perfect Human-Deities Cornerstone Beliefs are all false.

8.9 B Die - 3

Brahma Kumaris is the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult:
Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how All 8.9b World Population will DIE at ‘The End of The World’ in 2036 – but 900,000 BKs only will reincarnate as Perfect Humans in a Perfect Earth lasting 2,500 years.

Dinosaurs - 4

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Carnivorous Dinosaurs existed 230 million years ago. BKs believe ALL animals, humans, living beings, lions, and mosquitoes were once upon a time 100% vegetarian and reproduce without SEX for 2,500 years on Earth – 5,000 years ago and will happen again by 2036.

Therefore, we can conclude that Brahma Kumaris and their god Shiva Baba have extremely weird, delusional beliefs.

Eiffel Tower - 5

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how All Traces of Iron Age, Internet, and the Eiffel Tower will be 100% Destroyed at The End of The World in 2036 – only to be rebuild again IDENTICALLY every 5,000 years.


Heaven on Earth - 6


Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… when in Earth’s History was Earth 100% Perfect with Perfect Humans, with no suffering and no wars.
Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… How can Earth ever be Heaven.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Earth has a History of 5,000 years only and History repeats identically so that only Shiva Baba can save the world every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how only Bharat (India) can survive the End of The World Destruction in 2036 with no traces of Iron Age.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… the nonsense that Shiva Baba ‘intoxicates’ BKs with the ultimate FALSE HOPE that only BKs will be perfect human-deities ruling a perfect Earth for 2,500 years; and BKs get extremely defensive when questioned about their delusional nonsense.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Ex-BKs are doing ‘dis-service’ when they actually doing an altruistic act of helping BKs to return back to their families and friends.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba is so paranoid with Ex-BKs and curse them as ‘worse than the worst Sudras/ Slaves’, when actually Shiva Baba is isolating all BKs from their real families, friends and society into his deceptive web of delusional false beliefs and cult isolation.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba’s supreme ‘Shrimat Law’ of extremely strict end-of-the-world renunciation and treating couples as brothers & sisters are not daily forms of cult brainwashing.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… openly why BKs are not allowed to eat food cooked by Non-BKs including their mothers who might still be having sex.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… openly that their Spouse or Relationship is ‘impure’ and must be treated as like a Sister or Brother as instructed in Shiva Baba’s daily Murli cult-brainwashing classes.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… frankly to their spouse that BKs are ‘married’ to Bapdada when they meet Bapdada in Madhuban, and their marriage has failed and is dead, and their non-BK spouse is an insignificant priority.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… convincingly how Celibacy (Brahmacharya) is such a good thing for countless of marriage failures, relationship break-ups, and heartaches.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BKs like to fool the public when most BK marriages had failed because the original marriage vows of being ‘husband & wife’ are totally annulled by being ‘brother and sister’ which is definitely not what marriage is about. Many BK couples sleep in SEPARATE BEDS – that’s a failed marriage.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… the difference between lust and sex as Shiva Baba imposes the ultra-strict discipline (‘Maryadas’) of NO SEX or ‘Brahmacharya’ (not no lust).

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… Shiva Baba’s extremely weird cult beliefs that there was a period of 2,500 years when Earth has NO SEX between perfect humans and all perfect animals and living beings (in Golden & Silver Ages). Therefore, Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs in daily Murli classes there must be no sex in Confluence Age for BKs and that the punishment for sex is like “falling from a 5-storey building”. To Shiva Baba and BKs, Sex and Lust (Sex-Lust) are the SAME thing – unlike other religions that view Lust as 1 of the 7 vices but sex is still allowed for couples.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… publicly why Shiva Baba forces BKs not to have sex or any children. BKs are in total denial how Bapdada have caused countless marriage failures and family & children-making failures.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BK couples live SEPARATE LIVES.
A BK & Non-BK Spouse live SEPARATE LIVES.
Separation or Separated Marriage is NOT MARRIAGE.
Legally, Separation is last step before DIVORCE.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why most BKs are instructed to stay in marriage but live SEPARATELY – even though BKs love only Baba, and not their Spouse, and they are no longer acting and loving like a COUPLE.

[My brother Tom and Sister Maureen Chen, who were the World’s Second Foreign BK  Couple, lived separate lives, did service in separate countries.
I’ve been doing Cult Mediation and Counselling for many failed BK-Non BK marriages.
It’s heart-breaking to see so many SILENT HEARTACHES.
Don’t be fooled by BKs’ explanations when in reality BK Couples live a weird and distorted Separated Marriage.’]

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BKs can’t see that their Separated Marriage is as bad as NO marriage at all.
And the Non-BK Spouse may as well decide to leave the BK as there is NO FUTURE as a Normal Married Couple.
In fact, BKs may secretly be happier to ‘break all karmic bondages’ with their Spouses. BKs are deceived to think they are ‘free’ when in reality BKs are further  isolated from normal society, trapped in the BK CULT family, Baba’s Cult Slavery and ultra-strict BK ‘Prison’, and sucked further into Shiva Baba’s delusional, grandiose beliefs that one day by 2036 BKs will be the only Perfect Human-Deities enjoying and ruling Golden & Silver Ages.
But BKs are too blind and ‘intoxicated‘ to realize they are in the false hope world of BK Cult brainwashing.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why in general BKs tend to cover up, camouflage, or pretend to be a ‘married couple’ when in reality BK couples are living separate lives as instructed by Shiva Baba (this is widely reported by countless BK & Non-BK couples in BK Cult forums).

Husband & Wife to Brother & Sister - 7

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba is so obsessed with extremely weird, delusional ideologies of sex and celibacy such as 5,000 years ago here on Earth all humans and Earth were perfect and all perfect living beings, lions, and lambs reproduce without sex.

Therefore Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs in daily ‘Murli’ classes and ultra-strict ‘Shrimat’ principles not to have sex or children as it will be The End of The World soon – resulting in silent separations and massive marriage failure cover-ups.
But BKs advocate “celibacy is great” as a deceptive cover-up.

We are not questioning the practice of celibacy – we are questioning BKs’ deceitful CULT brainwashing of changing husband & wife to brother & sister – leading to countless failure of marriages & normal marriage vows, and no new children allowed.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… logically why BKs must surrender their money and assets to build huge HQ Madhuban Buildings, Global Retreats, and expand Raja Yoga Meditation Centres when All BKs and all humans are supposed to DIE by 2036.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why they are so attached and spending so much on Iron-Aged technologies, Internet, and buildings when BKs are instructed to renunciate everything of Iron Age in daily Murli classes.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how it is possible that there are PERFECT Humans & Animals and NO SEX on Earth for 2,500 years (during Golden & Silver Ages).

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the perfect humans (deities) can’t remember a single history or memory of the destroyed Iron-Aged Earth.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how perfect Silver-Aged humans suddenly TRANSITION from living on Earth without ANY wars, vices, suffering, sicknesses, natural disasters, accidents >> TO imperfect Copper-Aged humans who suffer from wars, sicknesses, famine, natural disasters and wars. And NOT a single Copper-Aged human can remember or record any history of Golden & Silver Ages when Earth and humans were perfect.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Earth can Transition from imperfect Iron-age to Perfect Golden Age in a short 100 years – that by 2036 Earth will be Heaven on Earth with no wars, no sicknesses, and buildings made with only new Golden-Age technologies, and NO TRACES of Iron-Age Technologies like Internet, cranes, all Iron-Age buildings will be 100% destroyed and disappeared with no trace or history recorded.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the nuclear war between Russia & USA, natural disasters, and civil wars (the 3 ways Shiva Baba predicted) can create such a Mega-Massive Earth Destruction that will kill all Humans and everything of Iron Age.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the SAME countless asteroids can keep hitting Earth every 5,000 years, and how the same flag on the Moon will disappear and be planted again by Apollo 11 every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… about Evolution, Neanderthals, Galaxies, and Dinosaurs as BKs believe the Cycle of Earth’s History is only 5,000 years – History repeats identically every 5,000 years.

Shiva Baba & Hitler's Superior Ancient Race

Brahma Kumaris Can’t Explain… why Shiva Baba has similar Superior Race Ideologies with Hitler’s ancient Aryan Race and Baba’s belief that a perfect ancient Deity Race existed in a perfect Bharat-India for 2,500 years.
Shiva Baba’s Brahma-Kumarism believe that ALL (Iron-Aged/ Kaliyuga) humans will die in 2036. And 900,000 reincarnated BKs will become the most racially PERFECT Ancient Deity Race with no vices and no suffering, who will rule a perfect Bharat-India for 2,500 years – very similar to the ideology of Hitler’s Nazism which was based upon the ancient Aryan Race being a superior race, and that the Germanic peoples were the most racially PURE existing peoples of Aryan stock.

The difference between Hitler and Shiva Baba’s Ancient Superior Race Grandiosity: Pure Aryan Race Vs. PERFECT Deity Race. Grandiosity is chiefly associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now you know why BKs & Shiva Baba have dangerous, doomsday, delusional ideologies like Hitler. Hitler systematically massacred 6 million Jews, whereas Shiva Baba systematically isolated BKs and ruined countless hundreds of thousands of marriages and friendships.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how all traces of Iron Age and Taj Mahal will be destroyed in India and how India can be rebuilt into Heaven on Earth, without any hard labor, Iron-Age technologies, accidents – since every human is PERFECT in Golden Age, and these perfect humans have NO MEMORY of Iron-Age. 

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Brahma Baba will be born as The First Perfect Human (Krishna) without Sex since there is NO SEX in Golden Age.
Did the Chicken or the Egg come first?
Did the Perfect Parent (Krishna’s parents) or the Perfect Child (Baby Krishna) come first?
How can impure Iron-Aged Parents give birth to Earth’s First Perfect Human?

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… WHERE the First Perfect Human (reincarnated Brahma Baba as perfect Krishna) will be born in India by 2036.
Where is this perfect palace?

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how all BKs will die en masse by 2036 so that 900,000 BKs can reincarnate as PERFECT humans on Earth – without Sex.
BKs can’t explain… because BKs have not pondered on this point.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain…  how can God be controlled and limited by time and space as Shiva Baba must reincarnate in Brahma Baba’s body every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… WHY because BKs follow BLINDLY and dare not QUESTION Shiva Baba’s false, delusional, Cult beliefs.


Watch YouTube video version of #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain

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Poster Series

(You are most welcome to copy and paste these #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Posters and Statements at BK or Ex-BK Forums, Websites, YouTube Channels. Facebook Pages; and email to your BK family members and friends)


Shiva Baba, the Founder of Brahma Kumaris, teaches that BKs only were perfect Golden-Aged deities who existed 5,000 years ago in Bharat (India). And that ALL the estimated 8.9 Billion non-BK Iron-Aged world population and all BKs will die in 18 years’ time. But 900,000 BKs only will reincarnate again as perfect humans by 2036 (in Golden Age/ Sat Yuga). 

NOTICE TO BKs: NEVER in the history of Earth were there any PERFECT, viceless, deity-like humans with no sufferings, no sicknesses, and no wars that lasted for 2,500 years here on Earth. Never – just ask any primary student.

Shiva Baba’s 100% perfect BK humans and a 100% perfect Earth lasting for 2,500 years (Golden & Silver Ages), and the 5,000 years repeating cycle are 3 of the most weird and delusional cornerstone beliefs of the BK Cult.

Yet, BKs are totally ‘intoxicated‘ by Shiva Baba’s daily cult-brainwashing Murli classes that only BKs will be PERFECT human beings enjoying a PERFECT Earth for 2,500 years. There are many logical-thinking scientists, doctors, engineers, politicians, celebrities, and normal people who believe these ultra-weird delusional, false hope beliefs – taught by the fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba.


The 3245 year old seal on Tutankhamen’s tomb before it was broken in 1922. This is one of countless proofs that there were other normal human civilizations existed before Shiva Baba’s false claims of a perfect Deity Race (with no suffering or wars) which supposed to have existed 5,000 years ago i.e. Laksmi & Narayan of Golden Age (2,964 BC to 1,714 BC) and Rama & Sita of Silver Age (1,713 BC to 464 BC).


I’m simply an Instrument & Whisperer of Angels.
I speak the TRUTH and the Truth will set BKs FREE – from the Cult of the Fallen Twin Souls Bapdada (Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba).


Author:  Whisperer Robert Chaen
Reality TV Host of Saving 72 Virgins, Afterlife Channel, and Cult Expert Keynote Speaker.
Ex-BK (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with his brother, Tom and his ex-wife Sister Maureen Chen), Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981).

NOTE:  The views, words, and opinions expressed this article is that of the author Robert Chaen. It does not reflect the views of people mentioned in the article, or the author’s associated corporations, brands, staff, business partners, graduates alumni, or customers.
The author is not responsible for any actions done by readers or viewers acting as a result of the article.


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Ex-BKs in a public Facebook group >>>

OR, copy and paste some of these #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain statements and email your BK family members and friends with a message to explain.

OR, copy some of these #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain statements in Forums and Comments in BK YouTube videos and BK Facebook postings – and see their illogical answers.

BKs Can’t Handle THE TRUTH
BKs are well known to be very shifty, deceitful, and not to answer questions directly. And BK Trolls will take points OUT of context to try to make you wrong.

BKs will only argue and talk about how wonderful their Baba experiences were, how perfect their Dadis are; and that BKs is a United Nations NGO (UN has repeatedly warned BKs not to aggressively misuse UN as their promotional tool).

BKs like to argue that thousands of BK followers who are doctors, lawyers and professionals – All BKs can’t be wrong.
No, BKs are not wrong – BKs are DELUSIONAL.

BKs have grandiose delusions of being the only perfect Human-Deities who will rule a perfect Earth for 2,500 years.




– hashtag originated by Whisperer Robert for Ex-BKs to collectively use.

– hashtag originated by Robrenda

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:  Public Debate with BKs

I challenge Dr. Nirmala, BK Shivani, or Sister Jayanti to explain their cornerstone doomsday beliefs with me in a Public Debate.
The Public Debate Topic: Is Brahma Kumaris a Doomsday Cult?

I will personally 100% sponsor this BK Cult Public Debate, with global live telecast, venue, and Media invited.
Let the Public decide if Brahma Kumaris is a Doomsday Cult, or not.


US$1,000,000 DONATION – IF the world ends on 2036
I will publicly give Brahma Kumaris a US$1,000,000 Donation if the world ends by 2036 (only 18 years to go).
But, if the world doesn’t end at the end of 2036, I will award “The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult” Award to Brahma Kumaris in an official ceremony event with global media coverage.

BKs like to comment “Let’s wait and see who is right at the end“, therefore, this is my formal challenge to BKs, because  I can 100% guarantee there will be NO END of the World by 2036 –  and I bet US$1 Million on it.


Public Notice to Physical (‘Lokik’) Families & Friends of BKs:
Please ask your BK Cult family member or BK friend to explain their delusional Doomsday beliefs to you.
Simply ask any of the #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain statements above and BKs can’t explain… to you – because NO normal, rational kindergarten student will believe the false, weird BK teachings.


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Soul Whisperings by Robrenda
Published on 20 January 2018.
Updated on 15 February 2018.

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About Robrenda
● Robrenda is the combined name and Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and his crossed-over wife, coaching partner, and guardian angel Brenda José.
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● Whisperer Robert Chaen made a promise and Soul Agreement to Brenda in her last 25 minutes on Earth at her death bed, and surrendered to God and the Angels to fulfill the Twin Souls Mission.
● Whisperer Robert Chaen is the only Thinker-Writer-Speaker-Channel-Whisperer for Angel Brenda.
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● Robrenda writes and speaks about truth, love, spirituality, The Afterlife, Angels, Light Twin Souls & Dark Fallen Twin Souls, 27 Big Karmic Debts, 7 Dimensions of The Universe, Cults, personal effectiveness, success, leadership, psychic senses, and anything about The Universe.

● Robrenda’s Mission is a movement – but it is not a religion.

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