Brenda's 4th Memorial

Brenda at the Fertility Temple, Bali (8 February 2004)


Elephant Cave Dieties - Copy

Robert at the Fertility Temple, Bali (8 February 2004). Both Twin Souls Robrenda will meet again after 2020…


Brenda José 4th Memorial 2017
(23 December)

“It’s been 4 years since you crossed over.
You whispered that you will be reborn after the 5th memorial which makes people wonder
how we’ll ever find each other again.
But we will… as we always had before…”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

There are 130 million babies born every year, but we’ll find each other. She will be born as a girl…


Bren's Ossuary

Robert at Brenda’s Ossuary in Chaiwan Catholic Cemetery, Hong Kong  – Ossuary number 3D/06-61, Unit 18805 (29 October 2017)


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By Robrenda
Published on 23 December 2017 (Brenda’s 4th Memorial)
Updated on 23 January 2018.

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