On 14 November 2017 at around 7:30pm I realized that I had lost my Twin Souls Wedding Band yet again! It was the next day after moving office to our new place in Starhill Kuala Lumpur, after a very long day of unpacking with the movers, and going to Telekom Malaysia to terminate our old telephone line.

I had dropped my loose-fitting ring quite a few times since I found my wedding ring on 1 August 2017. I had been searching desperately everywhere for it since Brenda José crossed in December 2013. (read more click here)

Sometimes I would drop it into the bathtub, onto the floor, and even into a laundry bag – it was that loose that I sometimes didn’t notice it until a few hours later. Why is it so loose? Well, my Wedding Ring used to fit on my wedding finger but it didn’t fit any more, so I could only fit it through my left hand pinkie finger.

Then I really freaked out!

I must have dropped it while aggressively shaking my hands in the Air Hand Dryer in Quill CityMall KL. This was after visiting Telekom Malaysia and immediately after having an early dinner with Ann Tan, a dear friend of mine of many years. Ann had been driving me around and helping me in all aspects of our office move.

I dropped everything and went straight first to the Quill toilet to investigate. I didn’t wait to call Quill Lost & Found just in case I might alert a cleaning staff to take it and not report it.

I promised and prayed and prayed to Brenda and my Angels IF I found the ring, I would not wear it anymore UNTIL I fix it to fit one of my fingers. I Promise!

I was sure that it must still be at the bottom of the air hand dryer. Noooo! There was no ring! Horrors!
Nothing on the floor either! It can’t be happening.

Then I went to the lost & found concierge counter. I was told I must make a Police Report first. I went to Dang Wangi Police Station and made my report. After that I went back to Quill CityMall and request to view the CCTV footage the next day.

The next day I received no call from Quill.
Then around 1:14pm suddenly I froze. My Wedding Ring was clearly on the floor in front of the Master Bedroom toilet bowl!

NO WAY José!
I had used the master bedroom toilet a few times that day including having a shower, but I NEVER ever saw my wedding ring in front of the toilet bowl. I was inside the whole morning.

It was like someone came into my place when I’m not in the toilet, and put the ring where I could easily see it as the toilet was used several times daily by me.

I always receive countless Afterlife Signs since the day when Brenda José, my late wife, Twin Soul, and guardian angel passed on. Brenda’s afterlife signs are vast, unprecedented in scale, some are irrefutable, many are dramatically significant.

Her signs can be a warning, a premonition, a guidance, a protection, or a Karmic Lesson.

And Brenda loves to prank me once in a while – because I can get too uptight or worried during my spiritual and business journeys.

But this one is one of the more “dramatic” afterlife signs – kind of Brenda teaching me a good lesson! 
Come on, my wedding appearing from nowhere suddenly at a common spot! That’s pretty woo woo!

What message I got from Brenda is:
●  Don’t procrastinate doing the important things.
●  Treasure priceless belongings.
●  Trust the Angels have my best interest at heart, even if they have to force extremely difficult situations on me such as most recently I’m forced to change and move my office of 10 years (ChangeU Center) to a totally different area from Petaling Jaya to Starhill Kuala Lumpur. I was so so resisting this change and at the most inconvenient time.
But now after we moved in, it’s the best place yet!
She loves to whisper to me “you’ve not seen anything yet!”
Here another chapter nay another BOOK of Brenda’s Roller Coaster Ride of my life!
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Update on : I’m no longer the Lord of The Ring. I let God be “The Lord of The Ring.”


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By Robren, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Angel Brenda)

Published on 17th November 2017.
Updated on 23rd February 2021.

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(previously titled: The Woo Woo Lost & Found Story of My Wedding Ring)


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Sharing My Recent Darkest Hour. Let God be “The Lord of The Ring”. The Loss of My Wedding Ring is Symbolic of the Final Letting Go of “The Ego of The Ring”. The Tao teaches to Let Go of Everything You Have.