SSTV Tips on:
● when are the best windows of opportunity for cult mediation
what are the most effective and safe strategies

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● Almost all Cult Members are not aware that they are actually in a Cult.
● Families of Cult Members are not aware that their attacking them is counter-productive and will actually strengthen their faith as they are brainwashed to believe that attacks are tests sent by God or the Devil.
● Each person is unique. Each cult is different.
● The Culture Cult is not easily accessible.

Saving 72 Virgins Network has selected a Team of Cult Mediation Experts who have many years of impeccable track record, and mediated on all kinds of cults:
Eastern, Hindu (Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation, Maharishi Transcendental Meditation), Gurus, Buddhist…Bible-based, ultra-orthodox, Political, UFO, KKK, Extremist, New Age, etc.

Based upon our philosophy and the needs of those whom we serve, we provide access to:

● a vast library of quality information
● perspectives on how to evaluate and use information effectively
● the opportunity to network with families, former group members, helping professionals
● researchers, and others interested in this field

Consulting Services descriptions and requirements
Service we offer
1. Free Initial Evaluation
2. One-Day Assessment 
3. Three-day Intervention/Mediation Preparation 
4. Intervention/Mediation

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SSTV Cult Mediation Services

Published on 22 October 2017.
Updated on 28 November 2017.
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