I continued whispering with Captain Zaharie one day later in this Part 2 – as he kept repeating himself in Part 1, and did not proceed further what happened after he found out the crew and passengers were sleeping and some with head injuries.

The following is PART2 of my Twin Souls-Ghost Whisperings with the Ghost of Captain Zaharie together with Love Angel Brenda, my crossed-over wife and Twin Soul.
[Legend: RB = Robrenda, CZ = Captain Zaharie]

RB:  You said you want to tell the whole world, USA, China to help Malaysia, to help free Anwar. You asked is it a bad thing to do? Yes it is a good thing you are doing.
CZ:  Yes, thank you! Thank you!

RB:  So what are you going to do now?
CZ:  I don’t know! (long pause)

RB:  Why don’t you land in Maldives Airport?
CZ:  I don’t want! (long pause)
I don’t know how to explain to Maldives about my sleeping passengers and injured crew and others!
What excuses can I give?
Maldives may punish me for this!

I’m a good pilot, you know!
I can’t hurt anyone!
What am I going to do now?

I want to land but what about my reputation!

RB:  Are your passengers and crew sleeping or unconscious?
CZ:  I don’t know!
I see them sleeping but I can also hear many voices talking to me!

RB:  Captain Zaharie, don’t talk to those voices yet, ok!
Tell me what you are doing.
CZ:  I’m flying, that’s what I doing.
RB:  Good! 
CZ:  I don’t want to land in Maldives.
I’m flying further. (long pause)
I can see the sunrise.
Yes, day is coming real soon.
I’m ok.
I’m ready to go.

RB:  Where are you flying to now?
CZ:  No where.
I’m too far from any airport.
I try my best to land safely on the sea.
I’m a good pilot. I can land safely.
I have been doing many simulation exercises about emergency landing on the sea.
I will save and land the plane in one piece.
I can do this.

This is Captain Zaharie (he turned on the intercom)
We are about to land on the sea anytime now.
Don’t worry I have trained myself to land on the sea many, many times.
Crew get ready for landing.

(CZ checking on fuel. MH370 suddenly ran out of fuel)
We rapidly descending.
Allah help me please!
I’ll save my plane.
I’ll land safely. (long pause)

We made it!
I didn’t crash land.
We are floating. (long pause)
I see water is coming into the cockpit (Captain Zaharie is praying hard)
People will remember me.
I landed safely on the sea.
Goodbye my Sayang.
Goodbye. (longest pause)

[This is a Ghost Crossover Ritual] 

RB:  Captain Zaharie may Allah have mercy and compassion for you now.
May your Soul cross-over and rest in peace.
May your family, relatives, and friends get closure.
May the Souls of Passengers of MH370 cross-over and rest in peace.
May all your family, relatives, and friends of MH370 get closure.
If you want to show anyone any Afterlife Signs, please go ahead.

RB:  Captain Zaharie, now you can talk to those voices who are not sleeping now.
CZ:  Hello, jangan bising (don’t be noisy)!

RB:  Captain Zaharie talk to your Crew now.
CZ:  Hi Fariq (Co-Pilot) I’m sorry to lock you out.
Nothing personal. You are a good guy.
I’m sorry Crew. I must do what I must do, ok.
I’m on a mission to free Anwar, he will thank me. (long pause)

RB:  Captain Zaharie talk to your passengers now.
CZ:  OK, I hope none of you are hurt badly. You’ll be ok.
You’ll be fine.

RB:  Captain Zaharie, say goodbye to your Co-Pilot, your Crew, and your Passengers now.
CZ:  This is Captain Zaharie.
I say my goodbyes to you all.
I’ll see you soon, ok.

RB:  Captain Zaharie, say goodbye to your family, relatives, and friends now.
CZ:  I’m sorry I need to go Sayang.
I’m sorry…  goodbye…
[He is whispering to many names of individual and praying.
We’ll just wait for him to complete the Ghost Cross-over Ritual which he is not conscious of.
I light a candle for Captain Zaharie now.
I cleanse myself.
This took around 40 minutes.]

RB:  Captain Zaharie, do you have any last thing to tell now?
CZ:   I just want to free Anwar.
RB:  Captain Zaharie, you have done all you can do, ok for now.
Let it go. Let God. Let Allah now.
Good night Malaysian 370 now.
Goodbye Captain Zaharie now.

RB:  Captain Zaharie may Allah have mercy and compassion for you now.
May your Soul cross-over and rest in peace.
May your family, relatives, and friends get closure.
May the Souls of Passengers of MH370 cross-over and rest in peace.
May all your family, relatives, and friends of MH370 get closure.
If you want to show anyone any Afterlife Signs, please go ahead now.

Thank you Angels Light-Truth-Love.

My Whisperings with Love Angel Brenda

NOTE #1: Ghosts tend to talk like it is happening – so they talk in present or continuous tense – not past tense. Ghost have no concept or perception of time and space. It’s almost like “time” repeats itself – like Ghosts are reliving their final day or parts of their lives.

I have just conducted a Ghost Crossover Ritual.
There are many other things I did which I did not reveal, therefore

My intention was very clear. I wanted Captain Zaharie to tell his story for himself and for others. I 6th Sensed that he would be confused by the real events and the voices of Ghosts of MH370 talking to him. So I had to separate the 2 conversations.

That part where Captain Zaharie turned on the intercom and announced to the passengers that they were about to land on the sea anytime now is NOT very clear to me – whether he actually said all that, or as a Ghost he wants to say and do all that action.

LOCATION of MH370 Landing  [update on 19 October 2017]
What I’m sure is Captain Zaharie flew pass Maldives, then he flew aimlessly without any airport destination – until the fuel ran out. That location is 1-2 hours from any airport. He did see the Sunrise but he did not indicate which direction was the Sun (closer behind or on his left side), that would have been a major clue.

It is possible that Captain Zaharie may have deviated SOUTH after Maldives and pass Diego Garcia, rather than flying SOUTH-WEST direction from the North of Sumatra to Maldives, and pass Seychelles. So along the MH70 Madagascar Arc was WHERE MH370 sank.

This location makes sense as the confirmed MH370 flaperon was found in Reunion Island which less than 1,000 km from the MH370 Arc Location.

MH370 Madagascar-Mauritius Arc



After more than 3 years of Captain Zaharie afterlife-visiting me once in a long while, I myself need to say my goodbye to him.

Captain Zaharie has suffered enough as tormented Ghost for more than 3½ years. Suffering from Karma happens to the Soul in the Ghost World and/or in Purgatory (The 5th Dimension).
I pray that the Soul of Captain Zaharie will cross-over soon.


[Update:  Captain Zaharie send his second Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign to me 32 hours after I published this MH370 Part 2 article at 9:27 pm 17 October 2017 when I was buying some biscuits at a local Chinese grocery store – it was right in front of me on the glass counter top next to the cashier.  In my Ghost Crossover Ritual I asked Captain Zaharie and souls of the crew and passengers of MH370 to show anyone any Afterlife Signs. And Captain Zaharie did. Below is the video and photo proof of Captain Zaharie’s Second Afterlife Sign.



Ensign Wasp st DJ Shop Photo IMG_1010


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