My article on MH370 obviously has inevitably raised more questions from our readers, detractors and trolls, despite some answers given by the Ghost of Captain Zaharie. Here are the Top 12 FAQs from our readers.

Q1.  Why did you write the article?
A1.  I wrote this article primarily to share what the Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered to me. From my past experiences with Ghost-Whisperings, I sense Captain Zaharie will not cross-over until his MH370 story gets told. My clear intention is for the Soul of Captain Zaharie to cross-over and rest in peace.

His soul is restless now as a Ghost which itself is a form of return of bad Karma. I do sense he may need to go the 5th Dimension (Purgatory) FIRST as his Big Karmic Debt is big.

I’m fully aware that many people will be healthy skeptical and probably cynical about what I wrote. That’s ok, it’s free will and free choice.


Q2.  You are hurting the feelings and sensitivities of Captain Zaharie’s family and friends, why are you so cruel?
A2.   Truth hurts. But it is far more cruel to have Captain Zaharie remain as an unsettled Ghost, a “tortured” soul by being a Ghost.

My intentions are very clear – I’m helping Captain Zaharie to move from being a Ghost and cross-over. The Ghost of Captain Zaharie ghost-whispered to me after I asked Brenda my Guardian Angel to connect me with him on 2 April 2013.

Prior to that I had written my first articles on MH370 in social media, and especially after I wrote an article on 29 March 2013 in Free Malaysia Today called MH370: Dead men tell no tales.

The Editor removed the 5th Scenario which was Captain Zaharie’s good mission to free Anwar Ibrahim gone wrong which was my best possible scenario – but it was way too controversial and political then.

That FMT article is quite similar with this article (minus my most important 5th Scenario) except now I have received more insights about WHERE MH370 sank.

I received a lot of hate comments from that TMI article. Until today there will always be some who can’t accept my writing whenever I write about MH370.

MH370 was very personal for me as there were 2 Divine Intervention for a close cousin and a staff member of mine. I suspect there maybe more Divine Interventions as people comment or contact me.

Firstly, my own cousin was saved through Divine Intervention as he swapped place with his colleague. There were 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees (12 from Malaysia, 8 from China) in MH370.

Karma has it – 8 March 2014 was my cousin’s wedding day.

Secondly, through Divine Intervention the 50 UiTM students were saved by one of my Interns who was the Team Leader. She changed the booking to another date and place. She originally booked MH370, the first flight out to Beijing on weekend Saturday. Brenda definitely send her to me as she was my first ever UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) intern.   click here to read

DONE all-truths-arthur-schopenhauer

Q3.  But Captain Zaharie can’t defend himself?
A3.  It’s like saying Stephen Paddock can’t defend himself about the biggest shooting in US history in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, so you can’t write about him.

Captain Zaharie, like other Ghosts, does not need to defend himself as he can’t; neither does he need defending from others.

Even God, Angels, and other Messengers of God do not need any defending  from anyone.
I’m simply sharing what Captain Zaharie wants me to be share (i.e. I’m just a messenger).
If you don’t believe it or disagree, it is 100% acceptable. If you want to judge me, then make your comments of debate below.

I’m a Soul-Ghost-Crossover Whisperer, a Messenger – I’m not a lawyer.
While some of you are busy accusing me of hurting the sensitivities of others, I’m busy helping Captain Zaharie to cross-over, and move from being a Ghost (I’ll be performing a Ghost Crossover Ritual soon).

If you are NOT a Ghost Whisperer, you can’t help Captain Zaharie.
His Ghost does not know the implications of what he did. He is now repeatedly re-living his last day and the Soul can’t understand or think like a human now that he is in the Ghost World. He seems to be trying to do a repeated thing over and over again. His Soul is extremely unsettled.

Sometimes Ghosts do manage to communicate to humans – which is what happened to Captain Zaharie and myself.

As a Ghost Whisperer, my role is to try my best to help Captain Zaharie to cross-over from being a Ghost. And it’s starting to work…


Q4.  Why are you capitalizing on people’s sorrows?
My intentions are very clear (again repeating myself from another perspective). No matter what I write some people just can’t accept where I’m coming from, and will accuse me with all sorts of gross accusations and lies.

I represent Truth as my #1 highest personal value.
I will NOT write something which I think and know is false. If proven conclusively to be false I will always go and amend anything I’ve written and make a public apology (so far I needn’t have to do that. I’m not talking about typos here obviously). I always try to verify any suspicious news first before passing it on.

As an Investigative Journalist-Writer with an Afterlife Slant, I aim to write facts and what I think is true.

I do admit from my daily Whisperings with my guardian angel Brenda, I have written countless, unprovable Secrets & Proof about The Afterlife, what happens when a soul diesFallen Twin SoulsGhostsThe 7 Dimensions of the Universe for example can’t be proven to be true, neither can it be proven to be false – like an Agnostic who can’t prove there is a God and can’t prove there is No God. I will remain open and adjust to new developments as things and events unfold.

And, there is the possibility of my MIS-interpreting Brenda’s Whisperings – through my limited human capacities, 6th Sense and 7th Sense. Deciphering Brenda’s Code is an ongoing process since the day she crossed-over.

Image result for MH370 flaperon

Q5.  Where is the proof of what you wrote is true.
A5.  Well, there’s also NO proof of what I wrote is false – until the “circumstantial evidence” debris, wreckage, and black box are found.

And even IF they finally find the wreckage, and publish their expert findings, many people will definitely reject and deny the conclusion.

For example EgyptAir Flight 990, The NTSB’s final report was issued on March 21, 2002, after a two-year investigation, and concluded that the crash was a suicide by pilot. But many Egyptians rejected and denied it.

Here is a list of List of declared or suspected pilot suicides   click here

Watch MH370: Special Investigation – Part one | 60 Minutes (2016)
Renowned Air Crash Experts prove why they think conclusively that Captain Zaharie flew and landed MH370 on the ocean.

The question of WHO flew MH370 is very conclusive.
The last voice message “Good night Malaysian 370” was confirmed by Captain Zaharie’s wife. There were only 2 pilots who could fly MH370 with such precision and maneuvering pass radars. Actually only one – the much more experienced Captain Zaharie.

Bear in mind MH370 was NOT a PILOT SUICIDE which any pilot or crew can simply crash it real fast. Why the very elaborate maneuvering over island contours, and WHY did Captain Zaharie chose such a specific flight path especially flying over or near Penang, his hometown. Because, Captain Zaharie had an elaborate plan to land in Maldives and bring the world attention to free Anwar Ibrahim.

Map of southeast Asia with flight path and planned flight path of Flight 370 in the foreground. The search areas are depicted in a transparent grey colour. Search areas include the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand near the location where Flight 370 disappeared from secondary radar, a rectangular area over the Malay Peninsula, and a region that covers roughly half of the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea.

Captain Zaharie flew over Penang, his hometown.

Therefore, the 3 biggest mysterious questions are WHY & WHAT happened to MH370, and WHERE did MH370 sink – which was ghost-whispered to me by Captain Zaharie.


MH370 Madagascar-Mauritius Arc


Now it’s up to the Authorities or families if they want to search around MH370 Madagascar-Mauritius Arc.

2nd Beetle Afterlife Sign

The First and Second Beetle MH370 Afterlife Signs


Q6.  Is it true that you received 2 Beetle Afterlife Signs from Brenda about MH370?
A6.  Yes, I did receive 2 Beetle Afterlife Signs (AS).
The first Beetle AS appeared right in front of my doorstep at 1:30am on 12 March 2014 (4 days after MH370 disappeared). The first beetle showed through its unique movements to me how Captain Zaharie turned left back to Malaysia and hide between radar spots.

The second Beetle AS appeared near my front door (on 14 March 2015; and 1 year 2 days after MH370 first Beetle AS) 10 days before Germanwing flight 9525 was deliberately crashed by co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. It was the Afterlife Sign confirmation from Brenda that Captain Zaharie was the pilot of MH370.


Plastic plane-wing.jpg

Plastic Wing Afterlife Sign found 37 days before MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Ask yourself this question why did Brenda send me a plastic right plane wing – and not the tail, engine, or cockpit? Because she whispered to me that they will find a wing part debris – it turned out to be a MH370 flaperon; and 10 months later.


plane-right-wing - on ground TTDI

The Plastic Plane Wing can be seen 2 clock from my bag

I also found a Plastic Wing Afterlife Sign 37 days BEFORE MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.  click here

Brenda whispered to me there would be a second Malaysia Airlines aircrash and send me MH17 Afterlife Signs.
Brenda also whispered to me there would a third Malaysian-based Airline and send me Air Asia QZ QZ8501 Afterlife Signs.


Q7. Did you whispered to the other MH370 Souls?
A7.  No, my intention is very clear i.e. to whisper with Captain Zaharie only. I did not intent to deal with more ghosts. I had previously whispered with him a few times and Captain Zaharie usually send me Ensign Wasp Afterlife Signs when he is around.
[Note: 11 hours later Captain Zaharie did send me an Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign (see video half a page below)  click here

Q8.  Won’t Ghosts bother you all the time?

A8.  No. You need to be very clear, firm, and communicate (whisper) your intention with Ghosts – no different than humans. Ghosts are respectful of humans unless they are Fallen Twin Souls or Fallen AngelsActually Ghosts don’t bother me, humans do!

Q9.  What is a Soul Whisperer?

A9.  A Soul Whisperer is someone who is specially trained, or who can naturally talk directly to the soul, rather than on the surface chit-chatting. They can go past the 5 physical senses.

The 6th Sense which is telepathic, intuitive, gut feel, and psychic. 6th Sense connects to the 5th Dimension (the Ghost World).

You need 7th Sense to connect to the 6th Dimension (The Angelic Realm, The Afterlife) which is transcendental i.e. they can communicate with the Spirit World, Angels (have distinctive purposes and missions).  Click here for article.

I’m a Soul Whisperer, Cross-over Whisperer, Angel Whisperer (need 7th Sense), Ghost Whisperer, and Karma Whisperer (sensing someone’s Karma).

There is no such thing as a God Whisperer – no one can whisper God’s words – not even for Prophets.

There is no such thing as a Judge Whisperer (as in “Judgment Day”) – no human Soul, Angel, or God can “judge” another soul. It’s simply KARMA.

Q10.  I’m scared, does talking to a Cross-over Whisperer mean you are talking with Death?

A10.  Haha no. In fact most people who talk with a Soul or Cross-over Whisperer want to prolong life.
Unless they want to move on (for example one is suffering).

It’s not up to a Soul or Karma Whisperer’ role to prolong or shorten life.
Every soul must follow the Laws of Karma.
The Soul can consciously choose to prolong or shorten their human life.

Q11.  Can a Soul send Bad Cur
ses (e.g. Black Magic) or Good Blessings to others?

A11.  Yes, it’s possible. Give me some time to decode this from Brenda. This is fairly new to me.

Q12.  Do you teach people how to be the different Types of Whisperer?

A12.  Yes, I can coach a group in any city if someone can organize one class. Pm me.

To be a Whisperer comes great responsibility (hmmm this does sound like a Super-Hero quote haha). Whispering is NOT a fun game, a fantasy, a grandiose belief, a “social experiment”, and it is not for most people I’m afraid.

Sometimes I wish I never knew some Afterlife Secrets especially about Disaster Premonition such as the Big Cascadia Tsunami (Pacific North-West) which is 77 years overdue! I don’t know how Nostradamus and other Prophets handle what he knew and saw – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Many things I have Karma-Whispered with Brenda I can never publish them!
I’m most happy to take those Afterlife Secrets with me to my grave, thank you very much!

There is one incredible thing I truly treasure and get awed every time is when I discovered an Afterlife Secret or Truth for example about The Dimensions of The Universe and how it works – and I know I’m the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS on Earth – and I can’t wait to share with the Worldin my social media, website, videos – even though many think I’m crazy, weird, or ______ (fill in the blanks).

It reminds me of the I Origins Film when Karen shared with Dr. Ian Gray how incredible it is when you just made a Scientific Discovery and YOU are the only one who knows the discovery!
Read I Origins (2014) Film Review: Recognizing Soul Connections vs. Scientific Tests.
And watch my I Origins Movie Film Review Video:

Do I care whether people believe or not?
Well, it’s really up to the individual to decide. Most times I just writing as a messenger.
I only wish our readers be OPEN enough to read wholly the articles, and not to make pre-conceived judgments; and shoot the messenger.

Many readers commented that they have been touched my Writing and Whisperings with Brenda.


Read my original article:
The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 (The real X-Files)

The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 2    click here


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