The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 1 (The real X-Files)
By Robren

MH370 ran out of fuel, crashed and sank in one piece along the MH370 Madagascar Arc…

MH370 Conspiracy Theories: 
Was it a hijack (where could it land without detection)?
Was it terrorism (why did no group claim responsibility)?
Was it pilot suicide (why no note and why such a complicated six hours plus flying route)?

The following is Robert Chaen’s Ghost Whisperings with the Ghost of Captain Zaharie together with Angel Brenda, Robert’s crossed-over wife and Twin Soul.
[Legend: RB = Robren, CZ = Captain Zaharie]

NOTE: Ghosts and Angels do not talk like humans in a particular language. Whisperer Robert Chaen has to use his Seventh Sense or Telepathy to connect the dots and write the story in a simple conversational format for easier understanding. The following are NOT the exact words or language of Captain Zaharie or Angel Brenda.


RB:  WHAT happening to MH370?
CZ:  I have a plan. I plan for 6-7 months with my flight simulator at home. My favorite airport to land in the Indian Ocean is Maldives. It’s a Muslim nation with close connections with China. They should be more understanding about my intention and the Chinese passengers on board. A small nation like Maldives should have the least red tape, least political demands, more neutral, and easier to negotiate terms and conditions of my surprise landing.

But why they have to charge Anwar Ibrahim for 5 years? So he would not have any chance of being PM in 2018! Why! I’m so angry!

RB:  You respect Anwar?
CZ:  Yes. He can help Malaysians have a better life, really. Why must they destroy him?
He has reformed from his many humble years in jail. But Tun is not ready to give it to him. Come on! Jailing him twice for sodomy, who would believe this crap? And why the judges give such a quick, hurry verdict. I can’t believe this! I must do something! You’ll see! The world must see what they are doing to him! President Obama must know what’s happening to him! China must know about it too! We need China and USA support!

RB:  What are trying you to do?
CZ:  The best time to take full control of a plane and the least chance of being noticed by air traffic controllers and military radars is night time. Luckily my fight is a pass midnight flight. I am very calm. I have a good plan.

I tell my Co-Pilot (Fariq Abdul Hamid) to better go to tandas (toilet) as I want him to take over. Then I lock the door. I quickly turn off the tracking systems quietly without alerting anyone. I say my good night to air traffic control. This is turning out to be the best time to switch flight path in this transition period going to Vietnamese airspace. The plan is working!

I slowly turn the plane back to the left side. I’m flying to Maldives!

RB:  I thought you are flying towards the South Pole?
CZ:  Huh? No! Listen you don’t know my plan.
My plan is to fly and land in Maldives.
Then my Co-Pilot bang at the door.
I do not answer him for a long time.
I can hear him panicking.
He start to bang louder but he try to whisper quite loudly through door. I think he doesn’t want to scare the passengers.
Then he goes silent for a long time.
Suddenly there are 2 hands… 2 persons… one women and one guy banging at my door.
I’m so sorry but I have to do it!


Sudden ascent and dive points to cockpit takeover

RB:  What are you sorry about?

CZ:  Well, I’m so sorry that the banging is so deafening… It is very disturbing my peace.
I have to do it. 

I have to get them off my back.
Now they are all yelling.
I put on my oxygen mask.
I’m switching off cabin pressurization.

Soon I hear no more banging or sound.
I’m much more calmer now. I’m flying back towards Malaysia.


Map of southeast Asia with flight path and planned flight path of Flight 370 in the foreground. The search areas are depicted in a transparent grey colour. Search areas include the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand near the location where Flight 370 disappeared from secondary radar, a rectangular area over the Malay Peninsula, and a region that covers roughly half of the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea.

I want to have one last look at my wonderful Penang, my home, my family, my Sayang. So peaceful.
Penang is doing very well under LGE. See.
I turn pass Penang and fly around the north of Sumatra.
I think they are not very alert… they must be sleeping at the radar station haha
But I must fly undetected like a big spy plane…

Maldives. 3 hours to go… 

I have a lot fuel to fly to Maldives. Plenty! Why worry.

It’s too quiet back there.
I open the intercom to crew. No one answering. Strange!
I’m curious what’s going on in the plane. 
I tak boleh tahan already.
I take a quick peep.
I see people sleeping.
Some crew and passengers are laying on the floor with blood on their heads, and cuts.
Why like that! Why.
Not suppose to be like that.
I’m a good captain.

RB:  What is not suppose to be like that?
CZ:  Why so many people injuring and lifeless.
I don’t understand.
I’m a good person! I can’t hurt anyone.
Not suppose to be like that. (repeating himself)

Spoiling my plans.
Now, I can’t fly to Maldives anymore.
No good.

RB:  Are you having any problems?
CZ:  Problems? Of course.
I want to be a hero! But now how! (more ramblings to himself)

RB:  Why are you hijack MH370?

I want to tell the whole world, USA, China to help Malaysia, to help free Anwar.
Is that such a bad thing?

Not suppose to be like that! (repeating himself)
[This was Captain Zaharie’s last words or ramblings to me]

RB: Thank you Captain.
I pray The Cross-over Prayer for you, Captain Zaharie.
May your Soul cross-over and rest in peace.
May God or Allah have mercy and compassion for you.
May your family, relatives, and friends get closure.
May your Souls of Passengers of MH370 cross-over and rest in peace.

May all your family, relatives, and friends of MH370 get closure. 
If you want to show anyone any Afterlife Sign, please go ahead.

Thank you Angels of Light, Truth and Love.


Whisperings with Love Angel Brenda

NOTE #1: Ghosts tend to communicate like it is currently happening – so they express in present or continuous tense – not past tense. Ghost have NO concept or perception of time and space. It’s almost like “time” repeats itself – like Ghosts are reliving their final day or parts of their lives.

Note #2:  Ghosts do not talk in normal human voice, human language, or human expressions. Robert have to rely on his Seventh Sense to understand what he is “ghost-whispering” to him about. Obviously the words are not the Ghost’s normal words but his interpretation.

Robert is NOT a Psychic Medium who can let the soul enter the body and speak directly – with full mannerism and exact words exactly like the same human when the soul was last living.

Click here to watch an interview of such an experience by Sanya Kybopha and her family talking with her crossed-over mother who called them by their Cambodian nicknames and described her house through a stranger Medium who doesn’t remember what transpired!

Robert is Claircognizance (knowing) – he doesn’t hear (Clairaudience) or see (Clairvoyance) ghosts. Robert is The Soul Whisperer-Thinker-Writer-Speaker for Angel Brenda.

Robert sensed Captain Zaharie was very depressed, extremely stressed, and lost hope.

Robert sensed that Captain Zaharie was the pilot who flew MH370. Don’t take his word for it. There are numerous documentaries interviewing Aircrash Investigative Experts by Investigative Journalists proving that Captain Zaharie was the pilot who deliberately switched off all tracking systems and flew MH370 away from radars.

Captain Zaharie flew MH370 on 8th March 2014 less than half day after the stunning news broke out that Anwar Ibrahim was charged for 5 years, and therefore eliminating him from being the Prime Minister for the next General Election 14.

He had a heroic mission but the mission backfired when he switched off the cabin pressurization to knock the Crew unconscious when the MH370 Crew banged at the cockpit door. But the left the cabin depressurization too long. 

Captain Zaharie later realized he might had seriously injured or killed some crew and passengers from that up-flight action and grew into tremendous depression and deep shame. He lost all hope, and lost his original plan. He stared through his cockpit screen for a very long time. He stared at the rays of the sunrise.

Captain Zaharie was WILLING to go to jail for hijacking MH370 for his heroic mission to free Anwar Ibrahim, but he was NOT able to face the massive shame of accidentally injuring or killing his passengers.

He changed his planned fight direction to Maldives, his original planned landing.

He flew “aimlessly” – until MH370 ran out of fuel. He glided the plane onto the ocean surface. It floated quite a while and slowly ocean water seeped through. It sank slowly, straight down like the Titanic but MH370 sank basically in one piece – along the MH370 Madagascar Arc.

Captain Zaharie never planned a SUICIDE – he planned a HEROIC MISSION but it went terribly wrong.

Captain Zaharie planned to land at Maldives International Airport and tell the whole world WHY he would do that: to free Anwar Ibrahim, and help Malaysia.

He wanted to shock the world by bringing the World’s attention to Malaysia by doing such a bold drastic clever piloting move of manoeuvring pass all radars, flying low and below the flying range, and landing in one of the smallest populated countries. He wanted to negotiate the deal of a lifetime with the Malaysian Government…

Alas! Captain Zaharie had his wish come true – the whole world attention was brought to Malaysia for 2-3 years but not for Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom, his original intention.


7 Dimensions of The Universe.jpg

●  As a Ghost, Captain Zaharie is now in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension of the Universe

click here for The 7 Dimensions of the Universe click here for The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

●  When the Soul of Captain Zaharie settles down from being a Ghost, Robert Karmic-sense he will need to go Purgatory/ Limbo to settle his Big Karmic Debt.
●  Karma is all about INTENTIONS – so Captain Zaharie with his original good intention will not get the full return of Bad  Karma.

●  As for the other 238 Souls in MH370, only now a small number are still Ghosts in the Ghost World (5.1D) like Captain Zaharie.
●  Initially most Souls hang around from 7 days to 49-100 days, then they cross-over to the 5th, 6th or 7th Dimensions.
●  The majority MH370 Souls have now gone into Purgatory (5.2D), Angelic Realm/ The Afterlife (6D), or Nirvana/Soul Universe/ The Beforelife (7D).


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MH370 - Why, Where & What Happened



PUBLIC NOTICE:  MH370 Search should try to search for MH370 in this new unsearched area along the MH370 Madagascar Arc.
You will find MH370 there.


Fly with line

Captain Zaharie’s Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign. It walked across the laptop screen, with “Leaving on a Jetplane” playing… “Don’t know why I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go…”


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[Update at 1:15 pm 15 October 2017]
Captain Zaharie’s Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign appeared around 12:50 am Sunday 15 October 2017 in my kitchen – 11 hours after I posted my MH370 article in Facebook: The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered to me WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 (The real X-Files).

All my windows in my house are closed. The last time I saw an Ensign Wasp was in a tourist van going to Halong Bay, Vietnam in 17 June 2017.

Captain Zaharie Ghost seems much more settled now since my FB posting yesterday. I pray that he will cross-over and Rest In Peace soon.




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By Robren TwinSouls
Robren is the combined form of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife and Twin Soul. This is a TwinSouls Whispering from the Other Side, the 
6th Dimension of the Universe – The Afterlife.

Published: 15th October 2017
Updated: 24th November 2018.

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