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Why I Joined & Left Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation CULT (2nd Chinese BK) Part 2

Why I Joined & Left Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation CULT (2nd Chinese BK) Part 2
(My Cult Confession Story and my Wonderful Experiences in my First Years in BK as the World’s Second Chinese BK)

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen, who Co-Founded Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Malaysia in 1981.

Mum disowned us!
We went to see my Mum in Ipoh before we opened the first centre. The concerned Singapore meeting a month earlier turned bad as my Mum did a reverse psychology on us by disowning Tom & I. She squarely blamed Tom for getting me to join BK.

Tom & I went to Kuala Lumpur with only 2 suitcases and all our life savings. We stayed in a cheap hotel in Brickfields – it was a brothel. 1 week later we opened the first Malaysian Raja Yoga Centre on 1 May 1991 in 4 Jalan Taban 1, Bangsar because Bangsar used have many Indians whom we thought would be more receptive to Bapdada’s teachings since most of Raja Yoga knowledge is linked to Hinduism albeit with massive twists; the second centre is the current main centre in 10 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The hardest item to get for the first RYM Centre was the gadi from where daily Murlis classes are given. It had to be custom-made with the wooden frame platform and custom-made thick but hard cushion foam. The second item to be made was the Baba’s Donation Box with lock and key.

In the second Bangsar Centre I came up with the idea of Thought of The Day (TOTD) Whiteboard in front of the centre gate pillars. I would select the key point from the Murli which is not BK-heavy but modify it to be easily be related to the general public. As the second Bangsar Centre was in Lorong Maarof a very busy main road, cars were reputed to have slowed down to read the TOTD.

I came up with many RYM Centre SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) like a Professional COO.

Tom & I co-founded and developed these first 2 original RY centers. It turned out RY was such a big ‘hit’ especially with the local Chinese during the first 6 years until I left BKWSU/ RY religion is perceived to be of Indian origins, with many Hindu references.

BK students and the public were amazed with the appearance of 2 very young Chinese brothers wearing the all white, religious Indian Kurta-Pyjama Uniform.

Tom & I were such exemplary role models of happiness, purity, harmony, contentment, passion, ‘intoxicated’ with Bapdada’s knowledge, Malaysians and Foreigners were so attracted that they too wanted to have what Tom & I had. They couldn’t believe how these 2 young Chinese could be 100% pure vegetarian, no sex, wake up for 4am meditation, have full-time jobs yet fully occupied with godly service in all evenings, every early morning daily classes at 6:00am, all weekends – yet we had so much energy and passion.

I remember Wendy Kwok, the second wife of Walter Kwok, the then Chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties (the second richest Hong Kong Chinese family) commented that we were such a happy, carefree group whereas she and other super-rich Chinese tycoons and their wives were always worried about their money (350 billion HKD for the Kwoks) and be ultra-alert that people do not take advantage of them.

The first big public program was with Dadi Janki (the current Head of BKs) at the Vivekananda Hall, Brickfields. We promoted her as ‘the most stable mind in the world’.
I went on to bring other Senior BKs and Dadi Prakash Mani (the previous Head who died in 2007) with 2,000+ audience in MCA Hall, Jalan Ampang.

Most BK students work full time jobs. My first corporate career was a Copywriter in J Walter Thompson, a top Advertising agency while I conducted meditation classes in the evening, and promoted and expanded Raja Yoga Centres nation-wide.

Tom & I were a great senior leadership team. Tom who is 9 years older than me as the RY Country Head i.e the public figure head, the inspirational speaker who gave talks in many towns in Malaysia. He was charismatic, played the acoustic guitar and was immensely popular worldwide and in HQ Mt. Abu.

I played the equivalent COO roles. I was the quiet backbone, the Rock of Gibraltar who laid a solid foundation of leadership structure and attracted a dedicated Team of BK teachers who started RY centres in other state capital cities. I was the copywriter of many Branding, PR campaigns, and classified ads which brought in many new weekly 7 day-course students. I cooked for hundreds, clean the centre, raised donations, duplicated thousands of cassettes for music and class library, sold tons of BKWSU books  –  a little Madhuban HQ operations. I was truly a very passionate, happy, obedient servant of godly service.

I am proud to say that Malaysian Raja Yoga service under Tom & my leadership from the very beginning consistently produce the best results, the most successful BK service in Asia – outside Indian BK service – in terms of branding, student number, funding, donations, property given to BKs, buying and building property for centres, student-teacher expansion, teachers who were exported to other countries, big pubic programs, big community projects like Million Minutes of Peace which I signed up VIP patrons, I even got the iconic Radio DJ Patrick Teoh to do a half hour radio show with hit peace songs like Imagine, Peace Train, etc. (I remembered Malaysia was 1 of the top 3 in Minutes recorded in the world).

Didi Dr. Nirmala gave me and Tom such a hard time. She was the disciplinary schoolmistress bully archetype, tough as nails, super strict, very rough, tactless, heartless, and ruthless in handling dissidents. (some readers may think these adjectives are really harsh, but they have no clue what she did and said to me and she told others about me).

The Untold Story of how Tom was thrown out of the BK Raja Yoga Centre Melbourne
This is the untold story of how Tom was thrown out of the Raja Yoga Centre around 1990 – left him abandoned, isolated, and disillusioned (like many untold stories of ex-BKs who were long forgotten for their contributions).

He lived in a hippie camp site, took ice cold baths under a communal tap in the harsh cold Melbourne winter. He went on self exile and did not contact me or my family for many years until our tearful reunion in 1999 (we went to Langkawi along with my crossed-over wife, Brenda).

My Mum Begged Dr. Nirmala to return her two sons but Tom & I were too blind to see the huge Damages of broken families, couples, relationships and friendships.
I never forgot the incident when Dr. Nirmala visited my mum in my hometown Ipoh. Mum dropped down on her knees and beg Dr. Nirmala to return her two sons. Tom and I were way too blind to see the truth and the long-term damage done to families torn apart from the BK’s peer-pressure renunciation of their family members. (defenders of BKs look into eyes and tell straight to my face and to those renounced family members of BKs if this is damaging or altruistic ‘Godly service’, let alone harmless).


Dr. Nirmala

The ruthless, tactless, heartless Cult Dictators: Dr Nirmala and BK Meera.


With regards to my case, Dr. Nirmala wanted me to fully support the very unpopular BK Meera and to stay in Malaysian Service when Tom chose to leave Malaysia. Dr. Nirmala really handled the situation badly, ruthlessly, tactlessly and heartlessly.

She told me about the incident of the Lion of Punjab Dadi who was unpopular but Baba put a second sister who publicly accepted and endorsed Lion Dadi – and instructed me to do the same with BK Meera.

Dr. Nirmala did not pass the Country Head to me but to an inexperienced and a weak faith-shaky Jyoti. This was the first big mistake of many by Dr. Nirmala. Like the story of Ganesh I had to stomach my shame, loss and trust. I did not care for my own personal needs. I just went on to do the best public programs ever, cook for hundreds;
people tell me the Brother Tom & Robert years were the good ole best golden happy days of RY in Malaysia (ask the old Malaysian BKs).

I have make a Public Announcement to Brahma Kumaris in another blog post
click here



Image result for dadi janki 101 birthday

Dadi Gulzar (Hirdaya Mohini), Dadi Janki (age 101) and Dadi Ratan Mohini who are the only 3 living Dadis left. When Dadi Gulzar dies, its Game Over for Bapdada, this Fallen Twin Souls must then go Limbo or Hell (The 5th Dimension) to suffer the Return of their massive Bad Karmic Debt. Then Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba must incarnate as human souls (not supreme soul) and pay the rest of their Bad Karma.

Dadi Janki may likely to die in 2017 before 16 February Chinese New Year 2018
As a Soul Whisperer, I predict Dadi Janki may likely die in these months as The Year of Rooster is especially a bad year of her:  [] November 2017 [] January 2018.  

NOTE: The Year of the Rooster (ending 15 February 2018) will be especially be vulnerable (mishaps & death) for old people born in the Year of the Rabbit (14 Feb. 1915 – 2 Feb. 1916) like Dadi Janki (born in January 1916).

Therefore, the Year of the Rooster is generally one of the worst years for people born in the Year of the Rabbit. Rooster-Rabbit are opposite signs (6 years apart), tend to be incompatible – with 3 exceptions:
1) the Soul’s Karma – whether the soul must pay the return of bad & good Karma in this particular year or later.
2) the Time of Birth is in the hour of Rooster (5pm to 7pm) and Rooster’s compatible Signs such as Ox, Dragon, Snake click:
3) the Soul’s Element (weak or strong) of time of birth is favourable to the Year’s Element (i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water; e.g. Wood controls/overcome Earth, Wood generates/ helps Fire). Dadi Janki is Wood (but there are no details is she weak or strong Wood element).Say Dadi Janki is Weak Wood then in the Year of Yin Fire of the Year of Rooster, then it’s a “Double Danger” for Dadi Janki’s health in lunar 2017. If say she is Strong Wood, then Fire will take away and balance some of her over-heating fire, you get the picture.

I gave 10 best years of my youth and service, I didn’t get paid, I gave half of all my income, – and this is what I got in return? Alas! Do you want to suffer my fate?

The rude wake up call is this service to ‘God’ is but a Big Religious Karmic Debt one had to pay for past Karma  (read more click here).

Winter is coming to the Brahma Kumaris

●  The moment Dadi Gulzar dies, it’s Karmic Game Over for the Fallen Twin Souls Bapdada (there is no Third Chariot) GG!
●  I predict Dadi Gulzar will die before December 2018.
●  There will be no Third Chariot, don’t fool yourself.
You know BKs have been warned about this by Bapdada since 1986.
There will be no long queue from Abu Road Train Station to Mt. Abu Madhuban when Bapdada go.

●  Madhuban, BKWSU and Raja Yoga Centres have all reached the very Apex of its ‘Golden Age’ of Expansion – it’s now downhill all the way to its own “Iron Age of Irrelevancy” and demise.

The Lord of My Ring
In one of my first Madhuban trips I officially was invited to be part of around 50 Foreign BKs who did a first ever Foreign Surrender Ceremony almost along the lines of the very formal Indian Surrendered Sisters Ritual where the Indian Family officially give away their virgin daughter to be Surrendered Sister in a RYM Centre. I received the coveted Baba’s Gold Ring. I made a Celibacy Vow to marry Shiva Baba as my God.

I wore it proudly beyond my 10 years of service in RY. Dr. Nirmala questioned me why I was still wearing RY Wedding Ring when I dropped by uninvited for Malaysia’s 10 Anniversary in 1991. I told her I gained it from Bapdada directly  and it’s rightfully mine, I deserved it.

I no longer wear Baba’s Wedding Ring since around 1993.
Bapdada are no longer The Lord of My Ring.
My Raja Yoga Wedding Ring is dead with no energies – no feelings.
Whereas I just found my Twin Soul Wedding Ring on 1 August 2017 – I’m The Lord of My Twin Soul Wedding Ring.  click here

Some people commented that I have an axe to grind or I’m bitter about BKs
Nothing is further than the truth.
I had left RY 28 years ago.
And I have done good to redeem myself from bringing countless souls to Brahma Kumaris by doing much CSR, charity work, giving countless scholarships to my workshops, and giving back to society through my businesses.

Why do Muslim Apostates like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Nabeel Qureshi  Speak Up Against Radical Islam, or any Apostate like Katie Holmes speak up against a Cult?
1)  Because it is the RIGHT thing to do – NOT because Apostates are bitter and have an axe to grind.

2)  Because Apostates offer a truthful Check & Balance on their dangerous ex-Religion or ex-Cult – not because they are vengeful and have nothing better to do.
3)  Because they don’t want others to suffer the heavy Karma, punishment, nightmare, hellish conditions they suffered – you should admire and support them as they are willing to speak the inconvenient TRUTH and risk persecution unlike many Ex-Cultists who dare not speak up for fear of backlash and ostracizing.
4)  Because they want to educate the public who is not aware how dangerous Doomsday Cults and Extremist Religions and how much they can damage the society – not because they are indifferent like the silent majority citizens when their fascist army massacred their own people or executed a racist genocide.


I just feel sad whenever I hear a story of a family broken up or divorced because of BK’s strict Maryadas. When I wrote and spoke about the exposé of BKs as a Dark & dangerous Cult (part 1) on 27 August 2017, I didn’t expect much response.

I wrote my Part 2 where I go head to head with Shiva Baba’s Cornerstone FAKE knowledge Copied and Twisted from Hindu scriptures: Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE click here

Then I wrote the third article about The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult click here


But my bold YouTube videos are gaining traction. Suddenly there is One Voice singing in the Darkness inside BK Cult World. Current BK families are contacting me from all over the world and desperately asked for my advice.

I’ve written some action plans one can do: How to Escape a Cult and Win a Debate with a Cultist  click here

Media contacted about my BK Cult videos and other Cult Videos in my Saving 72 Virgins YouTube Channel click here

If you can relate to my experience, and for non-BKs who wondered how stupid for any sensible person to join BK, well it was my best decision at that time.

In Summary My 10 Years Experience with Brahma Kumaris:
● Yes, I had many wonderful experiences in BK.
● I met many good souls in BK, and in BK service.
● Yes, BKWSU is very rich as there are now 800,000+ regular students who give generous donations, assets and property.
The Dadis, Surrendered Sisters and centre-wasis (resident teachers) give the public perception that they live an austere life unlike the decadent lifestyle of Televangelical Preachers like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Bishop David Oyedepo, but look at this video:


Yes, I had wasted my best Youth Years with BKs.

● Yes, I paid a very Big Religious Karmic Debt because of my past bad Karma and I had to suffer big time during my 10 years with BK.
● The truth is my extreme strict Maryada Discipline was in reality a big PUNISHMENT for past Karma – no sex, no pleasures, no joy, no worldly and earthly enjoyments.
NO, I highly do not recommend Brahma Kumaris as they are a Dark, Dangerous Doomsday Cult who breaks up families, couples, relationships, friends and totally isolate you from normal society and lifestyle.
BKs, Maureen my Sister-In-Law, Philippa, Janaki, Parames, Helen, countless sisters and brothers I brought to BKs – get out while you still can.

Once Dadi Janki and Dadi Gulzar dies it will Game Over for the FALLEN Twin Souls Bapdada. It would payback time, the heavy Return of Bad Karmic Debts for you BKs who will share the huge Karmic Debt as Accomplices of Karmic Crime with Bapdada. It equivalent to joining as War Criminal leader killing millions – it’s no different, probably even worse as death is swift with war executions but Cult sufferings is long-term.


In Summary Why I JOINED Brahma Kumaris (in 1979, in Melbourne)
● I believed and trusted my own brother Tom would introduce me an extraordinary religion.
● Good meditation experience.
● Opportunity to do religious service to help the world.
● The End of the World predicted by Shiva Baba to be 1986.


In Summary Why I LEFT Brahma Kumaris (in 1989, in Hong Kong)
I went to Hell and the Nightmare of BK fierce politics under the ruthless dictator Dr, Nirmala
● The Countless Political Mutinies by key BK Teachers & Students are consistently rampant in every BK centre. Brother Tom & Sister Maureen experienced the hard way – they got ousted by the locals.
the Voice of BK Dissidents are crushed.
● Shiva Baba is a fake god. He is just a human soul (not supreme soul) who is subjected to time, space, and birth whereas God is not.
● Shiva Baba’s teaching is nothing original. He copied mainly from Hinduism but twisted the knowledge to suit Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba.
● Shiva Baba’s repetitive 5,000 year cycle is proven to be ridiculously false by simply looking up in the night sky as 99.9% of the night sky is more than 5,000 light years into the past.
BK is a Dark Doomsday Cult which isolates its students and teachers and break up families, couples, relationships, stop students from studying, rob a BK of a normal living, life enjoyments.
● Maryadas are too strict. There is no life outside BKs. Shrimat is abused by Zone-in-charge and Centerwasis (center residents).


My Latest Insights and Whisperings about Brahma Kumaris with my Twin Soul & Love Angel Brenda:
● Brenda revealed much about FALLEN Twin Souls like Bapdada. (Bapdada belongs to Fallen Angels/Twin Souls Category of Channeled Spirits)
● BK and any Cult is a Big Religious Karmic Debt, a punishment for BK’s past Karma.
BKs and other Cultists including ISIS don’t realize that their joining extremist Religious Cults is actually punishment and return of bad Karma.

Read Part 1:


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Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen, Founder of Saving 72 Virgins CSR
Published on 1 October 2017.

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