Public & Personal Plea for 3 CSR Sponsorships


3 Biggest Problems facing OUR Youths - brief


The Purple Army:
Inspiring our YOUTHs to be positive role models, contributors to society, and change agents by using all forms of creative ARTS, entrepreneurship, learning, creativity, ethics, mental health; champion against sexual harassment, drugs-alcohol-internet addictions, racism, extremism, crime, bullying, and cults THROUGH: 3 CSR Initiatives You & Your Organization Can Support.

PAY, Slogan & 3 Roles LOGO

If you have gratitude for your good life, then PAY it forward through our youths. Help us make youths positive role models, contributors to society and change agents for world and social change.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been using a lot of my own money & staff resources, and personally organizing 3 Key CSR Initiatives which I’m deeply passionate about:

Our Purple Army survey reveals that the easiest people who fall prey to extremist ideologies, dangerous cults and bad company are YOUTHS who are naive, inexperienced, and easily influenced by the smooth-talking cult leaders. Extremists randomly approach strangers in online public forums, chat rooms, or even in shopping malls. We need to counteract this with our own CyberWarfare Purple Army.

“It takes an Ex-THIEF to catch a thief.”

To beat extremists, cultists, criminals, gangsters, bullies, we need to be conscious on how they think-speak-write-do-act-behave; and beat them in their own dangerous game.

1)  ChangeUTH Youth CSR
ChangeUTH believes that there are 4 Magical Ways our Youths can change the Earth:
1. Entrepreneurship  2. Curiosity (learning)  3. Charity  4. Mental Health

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2)  ArtScapes CSR
ArtScapes CSR is an Arts CSR to unite Youths & Veteran Arts Mentors to transform their Art forms into higher heroic & higher consciousness and cross-cultural consciousness.

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3)  Saving 72 Virgins CSR

“Saving 72 Virgins” (SSTV) is Cult Awareness & Anti-Sexual Harassment Network of Cult Rescuers, family, and friends to help sexually harassed victims and cult members escape, house, and use cyberwarfare to stop the cancer spread in our community of Extremist Jihadist Cults (e.g. ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram – kidnapping teenage girls), Religious Cults (e.g. Scientology, Brahma Kumaris), and Large Group Awareness Training (e.g. AsiaWorks, Landmark Education, Lifespring).
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Bank Account for Fund-Raising
Maybank current account name: ChangeU Group Sdn. Bhd.
Maybank Account Number: 512688 200956

Founder Robert Chaen has been funding various forms of these 3 CSR Initiatives and countless scholarships with his own money to the tune of way over US$100,000. 

You are supporting us to save Youths and Lives from Extremist groups like ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, religious fascists, doomsday Cults, depression, mental illnesses THROUGH creative arts, learning, awareness, entrepreneurship, and making Youths as good contributors of community – NOT becoming suicide killers, intolerant extremists, cultists who are all out to isolate their members and to break up families, or youths becoming depressed, lazy, corrupted, and unproductive only seeking for easy handouts.

[ ]  Maintaining Website, Social Media, Facebook Pages, Cult forum & Staff (staff, editors, writers, cyber-warriors, proof-readers, graphic designers, web designers, promoters) (US$30,000pa)
[ ]  Sponsoring Ads/ Logo-Icon Designs for any of the 3 CSR: Cult Awareness & Rescue Ads ​

[ ]  Maintaining an Office and Overheads with Rent, Utilities, equipment, pcs, administration, tax (26%)  (US$25,000pa)
[]  Water package (US$75 for 30 bottles, lasts 4 months)   []  Our Logo t-shirts for Crew/ Volunteers, Gifts  + Sponsored Brand Logo  (US$1,000)  [] Mobile phones & packages (US$1,2000pa)   [] Unifi package (US$600pa)

[ ]  Educating the public through talks at universities, colleges, associations  (US$3,000)
[ ]  High End Spa Massages & First Class Air tickets to Monaco (just kidding, just testing if you are really reading everything  🙂
[ ]  In future, if we have much more funds, we open [ ] a 24/7 Helpline for Cultists, Jihadists & Ex-Cultists (US$10,000pa)  [] Airbnb Temp Housing for runaway Cultists and Jihadists (US$6,000pa)

NOTE #1:   A CSR-PR cheque presentation ceremony can be arranged.
NOTE #2:  NO Donation
 of clothes, cookery, cooked food, books, or broken equipment that needs repair.

2)  SuperMarket/Food/Gift VOUCHER Contribution:  – also can be used as Facebook Contest Prizes​
[ ]  Meals and allowances for Under-Graduate Volunteers – buy us lunch, a meal, bring or deliver some snacks, chocs, pizza to the office 🙂

NOTE #3: You can courier deliver gift vouchers very cheaply RM6 under documents delivery (call City-Link Express  for pick-up)

3)  New/ Display/ Used PRODUCT Contribution by Manufacturers/ Brands  – urgently needed:
 You can DONATE New/ Display/ Used Equipment, or some single Big Ticket items – we can pass the invoice direct to you: 

[]  AV Studio & Video Production:  Pro-Lighting, Studio Mikes, green screen (US$1,500)   []  PA system + 2 cordless mikes (US$3,000)   
[]  DSLR Camera & Lens (US$1,500)  []  DJI Pro-Drones (US$2,000)    []  Canon DSLR Camera batteries, accessories (US$300)

[]  Good condition Laptop, MacBook Pro  (US$3,000)  

[]  HP toners (1 set = US$250 lasts 3 months)    [ ]  Product Gifts: usable products like stationery, toners, water, beverages
[]  projector (US$500)
[]  Good condition Used Car/ Van + road tax

[]  PR  [] Video Editing/ Production  [] Graphic Design  [] Writing  [] Social Media  [] CSR Fund-Raising Skills   [] Photography 
[]  Drone videos  [] Branding/ Marketing  [] Telemarketing   [] Helpline (temp for 8 hours only not 24/7 yet)

5) Experts, Individuals, Brands & Outlets offering a % of EARNINGS Contribution

6)  CORPORATE CSR Sponsorship & Contribution:
[ ]  We are looking for 1-3 Years Official Sponsors for:
      [] Official Airline   [] Official Hotel   [] Official Telco  [] Official Drink  
[ ] Platinum Sponsor   [ ]  Gold Sponsors   [ ] Silver Sponsors    [ ] Bronze Sponsors

7)  CREATIVE Contributions with CELEBRITIES, CEOs:
[ ]   MoVsha Movers & Shakers can arrange a 15 Minutes Café Meeting with your favorite [] Celebrity  [] CEO   [] Public Figure  
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[ ]   Make-over by Top Stylist


Bank Account for Fund-Raising

Maybank current account name: ChangeU Group Sdn. Bhd. 
Maybank Account Number:  512688 200956


PA Dream Equipment Vision Board & Brands

Please help us to make our world a better, safer, harmonious and loving place, kindly give as GENEROUSLY as you possibly can:

[ ] RM100 [ ] RM500 [ ] RM1,000 [ ] RM2,000 [ ] RM5,000 
[ ] Any Amount (even USD10 will be accepted, it’s your generous thought that matters most)

Indicate if you would like us to acknowledge the amount contributed or be made private. 
Read more What are the Funds used for:

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God Bless You.
In Gratitude:

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