How to Escape a Cult and Win a Debate with a Cultist

How to Help a Cult Relative or Friend to Escape a Deceptive Cult:
●  Take a cultist out the cult’s surroundings for a drink, or invite him (we’ll use “him” not “him/her” for easy writing) to your home.
●  If the cultist lives with you, find a convenient time to talk. Don’t gather a group and confront him yet (he will view it as “persecution” and go further into his Cult Cave).
●  Be real frank and genuine in your comments. Tell him that you (and whoever else e.g. family, wife) are very concern that he is isolating himself from your, his family and friends and it’s a bad sign of cult brainwashing.
●  Give him room to reply. Don’t cut him off or interrupt unnecessarily.

●  How to Win a Cult Debate:
Know he’ll talk how wonderful his new knowledge, wisdom is.
●  Do your research. Google the name of the cult and add the word cult (e.g. Scientology Cult). To win a debate you need to find what you think is The Top 3 Weaknesses of the Cult (e.g. the cult isolate members, break up families & friends, the cult is obsessed with Doomsday Predictions, the cult have weird practices, the cult discipline lifestyle is too strict, etc).

●  How The Cultist Defend his Cult:
●  Don’t debate on a Cult’s Strengths. He will defend that the cult does good community service and projects.
●  Note: Nearly all big cults do some legitimate form of community service but it is a Cult Camouflage to make them look legitimate.
●  He will show the cult’s Poster Men & Women: these individuals (normally lawyers, doctors, government servants, entrepreneurs) who are usually successful already but are now used as Testimonials)
●  He will show the cult’s VIP/ Celebrity Men & Women (e.g. Scientology uses Tom Cruise as their VIP Poster Celebrity)
Note: Just because the cult has good people and celebrity joining their events, it doesn’t make the cult any less dangerous to society.

●  Show him the best YouTube videos about Cults in general
(e.g. My CULT Confession: Landmark, Asiaworks, Lifespring & other LGAT & Charismatic Cults); or a specific bad experience by an Ex-Cult Leader (e.g. My CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation is a Dark Cult Part 1);
or the best videos are those that directly challenge the cult with the cult’s own jargon, holy book, scriptures.
(example 1: David Wood debates with Jihadists with Quran references: 3 Stages of Jihad: 1. Stealth (Taqiyya: Deception) 2. Terrorism 3. Sharia on Non-Muslims)
(example 2: The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult)

How to Help a Cultist Escape the Cult

How a Cultist can Escape Cults:
●  Get help from a psycho-therapist.
●  Run away, hide, and lay low for a while away from the cult leaders’ radar.
After missing from them for a few months you become no longer important to them as there are many other straying and backsliding sheep to worry about.
●  Build a Reforming Ex-Cult Support GroupShare quietly with your family or close friendswhom you had left behind – I ensure you they will take you back anytime like a Prodigal Son.
●  Have courage to admit that you have WASTED your life, marriage, relationships, friendships, career, finances, time and money on the cult, and declare openly that you have left the cult.
●  Be a beacon of light for other cult followers to leave the cult.

How a Family Member can Protect himself from a Cultist
1. Being financially stable or good job/career gives you a lot more options. If your Cultist is a parent or husband they may use Money to control you.
Find paying work so you are not dependent on the Cultist’s income, or being controlled by the cultist’s money.
2.  Form a Support Group and share your struggles with living with a Cultist.
You support group should a variety of supporters such parents, siblings, relatives, best friends.
3.  Reach out and be careful which online chat group you go to (Warning: There are many predators who prey on vulnerable victims of cultists).
4.  Report to the Authorities if he gets violent, aggressive, or abusive.
Don’t try to rescue the cultist first, protect yourself first. When you feel safe enough, you can try to rescue the cultist. Sometimes the cultist is too faith-blinded or too stubborn to leave the cult.


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