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Understanding a Soul Agreement Between Soulmates

Q.  What is a Soul Agreement?

A.  A Soul Agreement is  a unique agreement between 2 or more Soulmates – on a soul-to-soul level – not physical level.
It’s “an agreement that is made in ‘Heaven’ so it is spiritually binding – not legally binding like man-made laws.”

The Soul Agreement can be about:
1)  Incarnating as one’s own child, best friend, or relative, business partner, activist. 
Watch amazing video of The Story of Sanya Kybopha: Talking with her Crossed-over Mum and the Soul Agreement her Mum will be her first child.  click here

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The Truth behind I Origins Movie Review & My Real Life Parallel Story in these 8 areas:
● Brenda and Robert have made a Soul Agreement on 24 August 2017 that Brenda will incarnate 5 years after she crossed over and we’ll naturally find each other when the new incarnation is around 2-4 years old.

Watch the incredible movie: I Origins  click here

2)  Fulfilling a broken promise or a new pr
omise with each other’s soul.
Read about Robert’s Promise to Brenda at her death bed in her last 25 minutes:   click here

 Agreeing to choose a particular time and place for future incarnations.
As in the case of the Dalai Lama, now in his 14th Incarnation (first incarnation was called Tulku)     click here


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By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 24 September 2017.
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