Consciousness Artist Jootha’s ATOMISCAPE Art Exhibition
By The Original “Atomic Consciousness & Pulse of Creation” Consciousness Artist Jootha @Melaka Arts Gallery (building circa 1753) 
Officiated by Datuk Mahadevan Sanacy, Sumber Manusia & NGO
15 September – 31 October 2017.
(Note: the correct title spelling is Atomiscape, not Atomiscope).

Interviewee: Consciousness Artist Jootha  (aka Thangarajoo Kanniah)
Interviewer: Consciousness Arts Producer Robrenda (aka Whisperer Robert Chaen)

Here are some bullet points extracted from the video interview:

●  Anak-Anak Alam Series (Children of Nature) started around 1975.
●  The Pulse of Creation started around 2002-2003 – ongoing.
●  Atomic Consciousness started 2015 – ongoing.
● Jootha’s 1984 Death Experience (he described it as Death Experience, others would call it Near Death Experience or NDE) inside the Flow of the Templer’s Park Waterfall was the Cosmic Catalyst that inspired his Signature Pulse of Creation and Atomic Consciousness Series. If you want to know what Jootha went through, watch “The American Beauty” film. click for trailer

●  In the flow method. Free Flow Art.

●  “You can’t step on the river twice.” says Jootha.
Every Jootha’s Masterpiece is original and unique – one of its kind.
It’s absolutely impossible for even him to duplicate again.

●  Since 1984’s Death Experience, Jootha is a just a channel. He doesn’t question anything.

●  He doesn’t have any pre-conceive idea, no form, no time, no pattern where and when he start with the Atomic Consciousness and Pulse of Creation Masterpieces.

●  Note: these 2 series are different from his Realistic Art and Portraits which obviously Jootha has some idea, structure, and flow to the drawing.

●  But once he starts channeling and painting he usually continues and complete in 3 days to 1 week for a small piece (a small piece size is between A4 and A3).

●  I asked him if he channels a particular entity, he said no.

●  He works with several pieces at any one time. 

●  Some masterpieces are never completed.

●  White Ink on Black Sugar Paper for Atomic Consciousness and Black Ink on White Paper for Pulse of Creation.

●  He gets Addicted to his paintings – it’s like he is on high, calling him to draw more.

●  The exhibition is held in one of the oldest buildings in Malaysia (circa 1753).

●  He joined Anak-Anak Alam group in 1974.

●  The majority of the Anak-Anak Alam Group never sold their artwork because the art market was not active as it is now.

●  Some say some figures look like Amoeba.

●  Some series are very organic i.e. nature

●  Right time, right space.

●  God or Universe is so great, every human has a unique Thumbprint, meaning you need to create the Uniqueness that God has planted in you, find the Seed in your self, let the Seed germinate and grow into a Tree, and finally it’ll start to bear Fruits, and that Fruits is not for your taking, it is for others to enjoy.” ~ Jootha

●  “My Art pieces are not for me, but for others to enjoy!” ~ Jootha.

●  “The mighty Oak was once a Nut who stood his ground.”

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By Robrenda, The Consciousness Arts Producer
Published on 23 September 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©

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