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The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult

The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult
By Whisperer Robert Chaen, the Host of Saving 72 Virgins and Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia. 

Whisperer Robert Chaen and his brother Tom were the World’s first 2 Chinese Teachers who were well known internationally in BKWSU. They established the BK Raja Yoga Meditation Centres in Malaysia in 1981. Robert joined BKs in 1979 in Melbourne and left BKWSU in 1989 in Hong Kong.He is a now a totally Rehabilitated Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Leader.

Introduction of Who are the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation
The official names are Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (aka BKWSU or Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya). Raja Yoga Meditation Centres are their official branding front to offer free 7-day courses and free talks on stress management, health, vegetarianism.

The teachers and students like to be called BKs which stands for Brahma Kumaris (hindi for Virgins of Brahma Baba the Founder of BKWSU. They refer to each other as Brother or Sister as BKs have an extremely strict discipline of Brahmacharya or Celibacy with all couples.

Principles practiced by BKs called “Maryadas” (Discipline) which is direct accordance to Shiva Bab’s “Shrimat” (supreme directions):
●  Brahmacharya or Celibacy for all serious student couples.  BKs consider Lust as the most destructive vice of the 7 Vices and lust is the main reason why human beings

Image result for BKWSU 5,000 year cycle poster

Cornerstone Beliefs of BK:
●  Exactly Repeating 5,000 year cycle
●  Shiva Baba (BK’s supreme soul) incarnates in Brahma Baba’s body every 5,000 years at start of Confluence Age. (note: Do not confuse Shiva Baba to be Shiva who is a Hindu god)
Image result for brahma baba
●  Confluence Age lasts 100 years, 50 years in the Iron Age (Kali Yuga) and 50 years in the Golden Age. Confluence started on 1936.

●  The end of the world was predicted by Shiva Baba to have happened on 1986 (result EOTW did not happen) through 3 ways: natural disasters, civil wars, and nuclear war between Russia and USA.

Image result for soul world brahma kumaris
At the end of Confluence Age, Shiva Baba goes back to Soul World and wait 5,900 years to incarnate again. Brahma Baba incarnates as baby Krishna or Adi Dev (Adam, the first man on Earth). When Krishna becomes an adult he becomes Narayan & Laksmi (the first King & Queen of Golden Age)
●  Humans started in the Golden Age as 100% “pure” Deities with no vices
●  108 Rosary
●  Brahma Baba died on 18 January 1969 and became Avayakt (subtle form in the Subtle World).
●  Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba combine into Twin Souls called Bapdada (Bap meaning supreme father and Dada meaning brother).
Bapdada then come down from the Subtle World into their Second Chariot, the body of Dadi Gulzar (aka Dadi Hirdaya Mohini)

BKsuper-rich, super-powerful, huge movement who claimed to have more than 825,000 regular students, with over 8,500 centres in 100 countries (figures circa 2008)

NOTE: The Modus Operandi of the deceptive faces of BKs are almost the same for all Cults.


Types of BK Students:
●  Organized BK Religion Hierarchy (see below)
●  Surrendered BK Sisters (usually Indian teachers who have given up their worldly living and dedicate 100% to Gyan (knowledge) service.
●  Centerwasis (teachers who are resident in RYM Centres)
●  Service-orientated BK Students
●  Poster Women & Poster Men aka The Public Face of BKs: usually professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Government Servants, Businesspersons

●  Teacher-type: 1. 7-Day Course Teachers at RYM Centres
●  Serious Daily Classes “Murli” BK Students who attend daily early morning classes at the Raja Yoga Meditation Centres. Considered as “Pakar” (strong BK Students who follow all the Maryadas).
●  Online BK Students: they receive Murlis (daily discourse) received by mail, email, or online access.
●  Free 7-Day Course or 5-Day Course Students: millions have attended the 5-day course
●  VIP BK Students: very little discipline is imposed on these (they are like Tom Cruise as VIP student of Scientology) Aka The VIP Face of BKs.
●  VIP BK Categories include: Media Editors, Actors, Singers, Celebrities, Ministers, Politicians, Senior Government Officials, Heads of NGOs, Professional Experts,
Sindhi Relatives Students include the original 300 Dadis’ close relatives (only 3 Dadis alive), even the only son of Dada Lekhraj (BK Founder).
●  Ex-BK Students (who remain in touch)


Free 7-Day Course or 5-Day Course:

Lesson 1:  Soul
vs. body; soul consciousness; 3 Worlds
Lesson 2:  Shiva Baba or God (supreme soul) incarnate into Brahma Baba

Related image

Lesson 3:  Kalpa Tree of Trunk of 84 Generations: Deities in Golden Age (8 generations) & Silver Ages (12 Generations); Branches of World’s Religions (Copper Age 21 Generations), Fall of deities to the lowest Sudras (slaves) of Iron Age (42 Generations); Confluence Age

Related image

Image result for brahma kumaris copper age

Lesson 4:  5,000 Year Repeating Cycle; Ladder of total 84 Births
Lesson 5:  Maryadas (discipline)

BKWSU Hierarchy is directly related to the 5 Ages:
1)  Confluence Age Hierarchy: (in this order of status)
Shiva Baba (the supreme soul according to Shiva Baba himself)

Brahma Baba
8 most pure of the 108 (see picture of Kalpa Tree – 8 of these are sitting next to Brahma & Saraswati (the highest couple in Golden & Confluence Ages)
108 Rosary
Administrative Head of BKWSU:
First Co-Admin Heads: Dadi Prakash Mani (died 2007) & Didi
Second Co-Admin Heads: Dadi Janki (current Admin Head, 101 years old), Dadi Gulzar (Hirdaya Mohini), and Dadi Ratan Mohini

2)  Golden Age & Silver Ages Hierarchy:
Narayan & Laksmi (8 pairs of Kings & Queens of Golden Age)
Rama & Sita (12 pairs of Lesser Kings & Queens of Silver Age)

3)  World Religions Hierarchy:
The older the Religion the purer and higher the religion i.e. in the order of historial appearance: Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikh, Bahai


Benefits Brainwashed and Promoted by BKs:
●  Donation to the “Yagya” (BKWSU Institution) will be directly rewarded in Golden Age – the higher the donation the higher status you have in Golden Age.

How does a BK get kicked out?
●  The higher you are, the bigger the fall, the scandals, and ostracizing and being kicked out.
●  Breaking Maryadas especially falling in love with another BK – is a huge sin, frown upon unlike the Moonies who encourage staged and Cult-arranged Mass Marriages.
●  Westerners and non-Indian Sisters must work full-time to bring income while doing service in the evenings and weekends. If you don’t bring income, you are then considered taking sustenance from the Yagya and therefore the Zone-in-Charge may kick you out if there are jealous BKs complaining.

Pillars of BK (borrowed from Jews, Islam):
●  Meditate 5 times a day (pray to Shiva Baba) called “Traffic Control”.
●  Pakar (strong) follow all Maryadas: no sex, 4am meditation yoga, “murli” daily classes, strict vegetarian, can’t eat food cooked by ‘impure Sudra Iron-Aged” people including all “lolik” (physical) family.
●  “Karma Yoga”: chores and activities around the RYM Centres e.g. cooking, cleaning, every Thursday “Bhog” Food Offering to Bapdada.
Raja Yoga Meditation Centres: are single gender only i.e it either a 100% Residential Brother or Sister Centre.
●  Godly Service: exhibitions, free talks at community centers,
●  Annual Pilgrimage to Madhuban, BK HQ in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India.

What is the Bottom-line Prognosis of Brahma Kumaris?
● dangerous cult   ● break up families, relationships  ● no lifestyle, no sex, no entertainment  ● give your money, assets, property to BKs   ● whole life wasted
● you gained nothing and you have nothing if you ever leave BK

What YOU can do about the BKs:
●  Share Cult Alert of BKs to your friends in social media.
●  Cut all funding and donation
●  Help by making your comments in our YouTube channels and Facebook Pages as BKs tend to retaliate in social media – they are 800,000+  regular students strong.
●  Soon we’ll create a Ex-BK Support List of safe haven temporary Half-Way Rooms in different communities to support the escape of Ex-Brahma Kumaris teachers and students.


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  1. Hi my BK Cult Intervention Team has created a Facebook group that aims to be a doomsday cult awareness platform:
    1) To return BK loved ones back to their families.

    2) To save BKs from failed marriages, careers, depression, and no life because of blindly following extremely weird, crazy beliefs such as false hopes of a 2,500 years of golden age and a silver age when there will be NO vices, no crimes, no police, no courts, no military, no wars, no sex (golden age viceless deity-like humans reproduce through yoga power), no carnivores (lions, all animals and insects are vegetarian), no accidents, no suffering, no pain, and no sickness HERE ON EARTH… and this history repeats itself every 5,000 years IDENTICALLY.

    3) To return BKs back to NORMAL living rather than living with the false belief that the world will end anytime and coerced by BK Seniors into extreme CULT disciples like daily brainwashing Murli classes, no food cooked by non-BK mothers, and isolation from lokik (physical) families and friends.

    Brahma Kumaris CULT (open public facebook group): click to join >>

    BKC is an insightful BK doomsday cult awareness platform for Members to introduce BKs to the truth, to prove Shiva Baba’s doomsday teachings are absolutely false so that BKs can be saved and have a Wake-Up Call to realize the massive damage done: failed marriages, friendships, studies, loss of ambition, careers, money and property surrendered to the fake god Shiva Baba.

    Ex-BKs are encouraged to SHARE YOUR EX-BK STORY so that more BKs will realize the truth and help stop the BK Cult CANCER from spreading further massive damage to marriages and families through BK cult isolating Shrimat (instructions), doomsday fearmongering, surrendering of money, property, studies & career, and life-defeating, extremely strict Maryadas (disciplines and penances).

    Warmest regards, Whisperer Robert Chaen.
    Reality TV Host of Afterlife Channel, Saving 72 Virgins, and International Cult Expert Keynote Speaker.
    Ex-BK (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with his brother, Tom; and Sister Maureen Chen who is still a top BK), Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981).


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