Whisperer Robert Chaen and his brother Tom were the World’s first 2 Chinese Teachers in BKWSU. They established the BK Raja Yoga Meditation Centres in Malaysia in 1981. Robert joined BKs in 1979 in Melbourne and left BKWSU in 1989 in Hong Kong.He is a now a totally Rehabilitated Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Leader. The Whisperer strongly recommends the following professional advice:

Top # 10 Things Brahma Kumaris Can Do To Correct Their Big Karmic Debt Mistakes:

1.  Advise Brahma Kumaris Students and Teachers to leave BKWSU and Raja Yoga Centres, and to go back to your ‘Lokik’ or real blood families whom you have secretly or openly renounced.

2.  Wake up BKs. Open your eyes to the Truth that BKWSU is a doomsday DARK CULT who has a hidden agenda to break up ‘lokik’ blood families and all relationships – so that BKs can totally isolate you from your blood relatives and friends; and brainwash and deceive you to donate your money, time, assets, properties to BKWSU and accept the ‘alokik’ BK family as your real family – this is the evil and deceptive modus operandi of BKWSU.

Give yourself permission to question the teachings of Shiva Baba, the impossible 5,000 year Earth cycle, the deceptive unprovable promise of being perfect humans ruling a perfect Earth for 2,500 years, the countless marriage failures caused by Shiva Baba’s Shrimat that husband & wife must become brother & sister.

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3.  Resign en masse as an Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Student/ Teacher to show the community that you no longer proselytizing other people’s religions and converting them to become your cult members.

4.  Disobey Bapdada’s ‘Shrimat’ (supreme soul’s directions) which Senior BKs have grossly abused to control their followers and isolate their lives from their families. Wrong advices have been given about quitting studies, no sex for couples, and no food outside, no music, no entertainment, no life.

5.  Research and google the conclusive proof that Shiva Baba is a FAKE god as NO human or soul can be God – even though Shiva Baba claims he is “the supreme soul”, he is still a human soul subjected to Time and Space whereas most people believe that God is never bound by any physical dimensions . (NOTE: Shiva BABA is not the same as Lord Shiva who is widely accepted as a Hindu god).

6.  Stop the family sufferings and community damages, stop the hurt you have caused others to convert to BKs. 
Apologize to your family and friends, and other BKs’ families for ruining their families, marriages, and BK lives; and bringing indescribable sufferings.

7.  Stop Corporate Sponsorships and Donations from Tycoons like Tan Sri Vincent Tan (Berjaya Corp & Berjaya Foundation) and from the general public to fund the selfish cult activities and properties.

8.  Apologize publicly what you have done wrong like I did to show you are a reformed Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Member/Teacher as a public example and role model.

9.  Leave BKWSU while you still can; rehabilitate, and cut all your Soul Karmic Losses from the Fallen Dark Twin Souls Bapdada. If not, you too as BKs will SHARE the Combined Big Super-Heavy Karma Debts with Bapdada.  Read more about The 27 Big Karmic Debts  click here

10.  Do The Right Thing. Be a Good Soul. Do it today. It’s Now or Never.

Written and spoken by Robert Chaen & Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in 1981.

Published: 19th September 2017.
Updated: 18th March 2019.

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Public Debate with 1 Key BK


Robrenda would like to issue an 1 Hour Public Debate with 1 Key Brahma Kumari i.e. BK Shivani, Sister Jayanti, or most preferably Dr. Nirmala. He will pay for a neutral public venue, refreshment, social media ads, and media coverage.



Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary

Tom & Robert: From the 25th Silver Anniversary of BK Raja Yoga Malaysia book (2006)

Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary - Part 2