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Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE [Part 2]

The PROOF that Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres have a FAKE GOD & Fake Plagiarized CULT Knowledge. (BK Exposé Part 2)
By Whisperer Robert Chaen, who established Raja Yoga Centres (RY) in Malaysia in 1981 and one of the World’s First 2 Chinese who joined Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU or Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya).

Whisperer Robert Chaen is The Show Host of Saving 72 Virgins Network and Afterlife Channel.

NOTE:  You don’t need a Science or Theology background, just PLAIN COMMON SENSE to prove that BKWSU and Bapdada’s Knowledge IS FAKE, and Brahma Kumaris is dangerous, breaks up families, relationships, friendships, education, careers, finances, create mental illnesses such as depression, suicidal tendencies, mind control, bankruptcies, burnout and ostracization when teachers & students leave the Cult and become Apostates.



Image result for BKWSU HQ

BKWSU Head Quarters is in Mt. Abu aka Madhuban, the forest of honey – the annual pilgrimage of many BKs – copied from Muslims going for Haj Pilgrimage to Mecca. The cult receives massive donations from students and corporate sponsors like Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Foundation.

In Part 1 of the Exposé of Brahma Kumaris
World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres I wrote about:
●  Introduction and Summary History of Brahma Kumaris (BKWSU)
●  My Personal BK Experiences
●  Establishing Raja Yoga Centres in Malaysia and assisting Asia RY Centres
●  3 Reasons why I left the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Cult in 1989
●  My Recommendations for the Reformation of BKWSU
●  7 Reasons Why You should NOT join Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) & Raja Yoga Centres
●  My Expert Prognosis
●  How to Escape Dangerous Cults

In Part 2 BK Exposé, I’m writing about:
●  The World’s Biggest Liar, Shiva Baba’s and his Dark Twin Soul Brahma Baba
●  Shiva Baba copied 99% from Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita & Ramayana
●  Blind Faith of BKs, the biggest Denials.
●  Hardly Anything New in Recycled Murlis or Daily Classes by Sakar Baba and Avyakt Bapdada

●  The impossible 5,000 year Repeating Cycle
●  Confluence Age, Golden Age, Bharat/ India Undestroyed.
●  The very cornerstones of Shiva Baba’s Teachings and the key foundation of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres
●  Therefore, this is Brahma Kumaris’ WAKE UP CALL

●  Winter Is Coming To Brahma Kumaris and Bapdada
●  WINTER WARNING to Brahma Kumaris
●  Dalai Lama too has a Maximum Time Limit before he must Incarnate as The 15th Dalai Lama
●  Brenda’s 5 Year Incarnation Window & 11-32 years Incarnated Brenda & Robert Spending Time Together for their Robrenda Twin Souls Mission
●  A Public Debate Challenge – broadcasted LIVE online

●  The World’s Biggest Liar, Shiva Baba’s and his Dark Twin Soul Brahma Baba
Let me begin by saying that Shiva Baba is the world’s biggest liar as he claims he is The Supreme Soul.

The Simple Differences between God, Angels, Crossed-over Souls, and Ghosts.
In Part 1, I had proven beyond a shadow of doubt that:
No human or soul can be God.

1.  Because God is never controlled by Time, Space as he never incarnates in any human body or living form.

2.  Whereas Angels of all types (ArchAngels, Guardian Angels) can use humans, insects, and even hack high tech computers because Angels easily move between the Angelic Realm and the Physical Universe.

3.  Crossed-over or Departed Souls on the other hand go to the Soul Universe and Rest In Peace in seed/ egg form called Nirvana, Moksha, etc.

4.  Ghosts have not crossed-over to the Soul Universe and are still hanging in the Physical Universe until the soul is ready to move on ‘Karmically’ (some ghosts stay for many years, some stay for a few months only).

My #1 Conclusion: As no human or soul can be God (even if there is such an impossible thing as Supreme Soul), therefore Shiva Baba is NOT GOD – since Shiva Baba is still a soul subjected to Physical Laws of Time, Space, and Drama.
(note: Shiva Baba is not Lord Shiva who is a Hindu god).


●  Shiva Baba copied 99% from Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita & Ramayana – just like how Muhammad copied from Judaism

Brahma Kumaris believe and follow many grandiose but twisted links to Hindu Gods and Goddesses and linked back to Baba and BKs.

For example Brahma Baba is linked with God Krishna with reference that Brahma Baba played the flute (‘Murli‘) to attract and stole clothes from the Gopis (original virgins); you can aspire to be Laksmi & Narayan in Golden Age (Satyuga); and how you will be ‘kidnapped’ by the Devil if you do not follow the strict BK disciplines with direct reference to 10-headed Ravana kidnapping Sita the moment she stepped out of the circle drawn for protection by husband Rama in the Ramayana.

Shiva Baba even inspire BKs to be so “intoxicated with twisted Hindu Knowledge” that Hindu ‘Bhagats’ (worshippers) and other deity worshippers are all worshipping their Brahma Kumaris Golden Age Deity forms. With Shiva Baba telling BKs in the Murli daily classes, BKs get so high and intoxicated believing Brahma Kumaris are the most superior of “WORSHIP-WORTHY” human beings – worthy of being worshipped by all Bhagats (worshippers)!

Some other major religions copied heavily from other religions such as Muhammad who borrowed a lot from the Old Testament to make it more palpable to the Jews because he wanted to be accepted by the Jews (People of the Book) in Medina.

Muhammad copied many Jewish traditions (e.g. don’t eat pig, pray a few times a day, fasting).
click here for video on History of Radical Islam & Sharia that will Affect You: Wake Up Call for Moderates & the World.


●  Blind Faith of BKs, the biggest Denials that Shiva Baba’s Teachings is unique
Many BKs or even Ex-BKs believe that Shiva Baba’s teachings are excellent and uniquely original. But they are in total denial that Shiva Baba copied Hinduism and Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani (also known as Dada Lekhraj, the founder of Brahma Kumaris was originally a follower of the Vaishnavite Vallabhacharya sect, and a member of the exogamous Bhaiband community. He was said to have had 12 Gurus which he copied heavily from their teachings.

Image result for BKWSU 5,000 year cycle poster

Standard Set of large Posters in Raja Yoga Centres & BKWSU Exhibitions – part of the Free 7-Day Raja Yoga Course.

●  Hardly Anything New in Recycled Murlis or Daily Classes by Sakar Baba (before 18 January 1969) and Avyakt Bapdada (through the Chariot of Dadi Gulzar)
Murlis are currently readily available online – gone are the days when BK students must attend daily early morning classes, and those who can’t, get approve mailing of the Murlis. 

●  The Impossible 5,000 year Repeating Drama Cycle
According to Brahma Kumaris history repeats exactly the same way every 5,000 years! This means every 5,000 years I’ll be writing this story and you’ll be reading this exactly the same way. This is the most ridiculous belief unique to BKs. I only need one fact to dispute this dogma – just look up to the night sky and everything in the sky are in the past from less than 1 second to 13 billion light years away.

For example the Moon is 1.28 seconds in the past. So how is it possible for Earth history to be repeated. How can anyone (except Brahma Kumaris) blindly believe for example that the Internet will be be totally destroyed with no traces in Golden Age and then reconstructed exactly the same way every 5,000 years at the end of Iron Age?

Related image

Confluence Age began in 1936 (but in this Hindi poster it was 1937)

●  Confluence Age, Golden Age, Bharat/ India Undestroyed.
According to Shiva Baba, Confluence Age is generally taught by BKs to last 100 years only – 50 years before Iron Age (Kaliyuga) ends
i.e. Confluence Age began in 1936.
bridging the first 50 years of Golden Age (Satyuga)
i.e. Golden Age began in 1986 which “Heaven on Earth” must be in Bharat only (ancient India). It certainly wasn’t the end of the world in 1986.
full Golden Age starts after the 100 year old Confluence Age ends.
i.e. BKs’ Full Golden Age must begin in 2036, with an Impossible NO TRACES OF IRON AGE.
●  BKs are using the Internet (an Iron Age Technology) to post Murlis (daily classes) online.
●  The Internet did not exist 28 years ago (English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989), but the Internet is not going to be destroyed by 2036 (the end of Confluence Age).

And BKs just THINK or ask your 12 year old relatives these 2 questions:
Q1.  Can Lions & Lambs be all VEGEtarians?
Shiva Baba claims every animal and living being in Golden Age will be vegetarian?

Q2.  Can Humans reproduce without SEX?
Shiva Baba claims that in his version of Golden Age, people will give birth through pure Yoga Power, what BS!


Image result for BKWSU destruction by 3 ways

Brahma Kumaris is a Dark Doomsday Cult. Shiva Baba told BKs that the World i.e. Earth will end at the MIDDLE of Confluence Age in 1986. Since then BKWSU had revised the End of World Year several times.  Shiva Baba told BKs that the world will be destroyed through 3 ways: Nuclear War between USA and USSR, Civil Wars, National Calamities, Famines, Tsunamis, etc.

●  The very cornerstones of Shiva Baba’s Teachings and the key foundation of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres are:
●  Shiva Baba incarnates every 5,000 years into Brahma Baba’s body in 1936 to start the Confluence Age.
●  T
o destroy the Iron Age of ALL traces outside Bharat-India by 2036.
●   To establish Golden Age only in Bharat (which remains undestroyed) with the birth of Krishna (baby form of the First Narayan (the first King of Golden Age, the start of the Deity Dynasty) by 1986.

●  Therefore, this is Brahma Kumaris’ WAKE UP CALL:
●  Confluence Age is now 81 years old in 2017, with 19 years remaining before ALL traces of Iron Age will be erased.
●  BKs are building Madhuban and expanding worldwide like there’s no Golden Age Coming (Golden Age was supposed to start in 1986 with the end of the world).
How is it even thinkable that there is ZERO TRACE of Iron Age in Golden Age.
Imagine NO Internet, no Iphone, no airplanes, no American Flag on the Moon from 2036 onwards which is the start of FULL Golden Age.


●  Winter Is Coming To Brahma Kumaris and Bapdada:

●  I predict The Internet Age will eventually destroy Shiva Baba & Brahma Kumaris Teachings. Why?
Because through the Internet more and more BKs will leave BK & RY en masse as BKs discover the TRUTH, and The Truth will set BKs FREE!
●  For the first time in Earth’s history nothing escapes the TRUTH
– even though there is much FAKE NEWS and PHOTOSHOPPING today …
BKs & Twin Souls Bapdada you can fool some people all the time, all people some of the time, BUT Shiva Baba, Brahma Baba & Bks You CAN’T FOOL ALL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.

●  Bapdada’s Karmic Time is nearly up.
Only a last handful of your loyal Dadis are alive.

●  The moment Dadi Gulzar dies, it’s Karmic Game Over for Twin Souls Bapdada (no Third Chariot) GG!

●  There will be no Third Chariot, don’t fool yourself.
You know BKs have been warned about this by Bapdada since 1986.
There will be no long queue from Abu Road Train Station to Mt. Abu Madhuban when Bapdada go.
●  Madhuban, BKWSU and Raja Yoga Centres have all reached the very Apex of its ‘Golden Age’ of Expansion
it’s now downhill all the way to its own “Iron Age of Irrelevancy” and demise (sorry for the pun).

●  Deciphering Love Angel Brenda’s Code reveal that the Dark Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba are actually human souls like most Founder Souls & their respective Chariots (i.e. Religion Founder Christ Soul incarnating into Chariot of Jesus Soul)

●  Why Shiva Baba was confused with the 100 year old Confluence Age with his MAXIMUM TIME of his own “Confluence Age” of 83-90 years he can stay travelling from the Angelic Realm and incarnating into Brahma’s Body and later entering into the second Chariot Dadi Gulzar;’s Body.

●  The Dark Twin Souls Bapdada have been hanging in the Angelic Realm for TOO LONG – 81 years together since 1936.
●  The maximum time they can stay in the Angelic Realm is an unusually long 83 to 90 years (definitely not Bapdada’s prediction of 100 years of “Confluence Age“) which WHY Bapdada are not even aware of as Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba are “Karmically Blind” to their Dark Deception as the supreme soul and Adi Dev respectively.
●  As the Big Karmic Debt Punishment, Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba must then return to Soul Universe and incarnate IMMEDIATELY within 49 days as human souls and start paying their Karmic Debts.

●  From my whisperings with Brenda, Bapdada don’t quite know exactly how long they have before Brahma Baba must incarnate again.
Shiva guesses that it will be a maximum of 100 years (of Confluence Age) both Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba can stay and move from the Angelic Realm and the Body of Dadi Gulzar, and other Trance Sisters in the Subtle Region i.e. Angelic Realm.
●  But Dark Twin Souls Bapdada’s stay in the Angelic Realm is way overdue. My sense is Bapdada has only 2-9 years left before Dadi Gulzar dies.
●  ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Auriel, Metatron & other ArchAngels will banish and ensure that both Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba will incarnate as human souls and they then need to pay for their Big Karmic Debts created during the establishment of BKWSU    click here

●  WINTER WARNING to Brahma Kumaris:
Please leave BKWSU while you still can, and cut all your Soul Karmic Losses from the Fallen Dark Twin Souls Bapdada.
If not you too as BKs will SHARE the Combined 100,000-fold Karma Debts with Dark Twin Souls Bapdada.


●  A Public Debate Challenge – to be broadcasted LIVE online
If you don’t agree to me, and you have some thing to prove to me that I said is wrong, I’m open to a pubic debate. Moreover, I will even sponsor this public debate.

I, Whisperer Robert Chaen, am challenging any credible, active Brahma Kumaris Leader (no Ex-BK) – preferably a well-known, most senior, most respected, zone-in-charge to a Public Debate in a neutral venue, with live TV, Press & Media coverage (which Afterlife Channel and Saving 72 Virgins Network will organize and sponsor).

I also invite voiceless Ex-BKs to join – those who had suffered under ruthless, heartless, and tactless Centrewassis (centre resident teachers), and Regional Directors like Dr. Nirmala.

My Bottomline Expert Advice about Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres:

BKWSU and Bapdada’s Knowledge IS FAKE, and Brahma Kumaris is a dangerous, Doomsday CULT who breaks up families, relationships, friendships, education, careers, finances, create mental illnesses such as depression, suicidal tendencies, mind control, bankruptcies, burnout and ostracization when teachers & students leave the Cult and become Apostates.

This is a Life & Death Matter that affects many Victims and their Families. 

This fight against Cults is bigger than you and I. 
If you are Corporation, STOP all CSR funding to Brahma Kumaris.
Do not support Brahma Kumaris in any form.

If you are interested to help us, Subscribe, Share, Sponsor our Patreon , we do a Public Plea to help Fulfill our Public Pledge to STOP BKs and other Dark Extremist Cults from spreading their Cancer to our society.

I write and speak the truth.
I’m Whisperer Robert Chaen.
The Host of Saving 72 Virgins Network & Afterlife Channel.

As a TRUTH Writer and Whisperer, I stand by The Truth and Source of my article.
If there are any false truth, gross exaggeration, unaware lies, or inaccuracy especially in dates and years as I may have forgotten some facts, I’ll be most happy and willing to amend and revise immediately (the amendments if any will be in green).


Saving BK T&S

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are listed in the Afterlife Channel’s Top CULT LIST 2017
   click here

Bapdada, Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba are listed in Afterlife Channel’s Dark Twin Souls LIST.    click here


Public Notice to the Families & Friends of Brahma Kumaris:
Please SHARE this post and Video Link with your BK friends and relatives – let them decide themselves.

However, because BKs can be so stuck and stubborn in Cult Brainwashing, they may choose to remain in the PRISON OF BK CULT & SHIVA BABA’S SHRIMAT (supreme soul directions). Try your best to save Brahma Kumaris, but unfortunately it’s pointless to try to save BKs if they don’t want to be saved. You may have to let them suffer their bad Karmic Debt choice.




Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda.
Published on 7 September 2017.
Updated on 21 January 2018.

Copyright 2017-2018 ©

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5 replies »

  1. God bless you, Brother. I just want to suggest, “be more patient” when it comes to GOD.
    You never know what you skipped or insulted, by making own misconceptions without actually experiencing. Immaturity. You seem to have no knowledge about Hinduism. No person can understand a religion by clicking random Hindu sites, reading here and there. Truth don’t need anyone to accept it, Sun need not prove its value.
    A Hindu (like myself) cannot question even 1 thing of what Brahmakumaris’ Murli Knowledge says. It is the truth.
    To be real, Hinduism is not even a religion, it’s “manipulated” Sanatan Devi-Devta Dharma.
    I’m 100% confident that if you are a religious person, ONE FINE DAY you will be left with no option but to actually understand what Brahmakumaris are trying to do. It is God’s own organisation. It’s all scientific. It is the real deal. The Truth.
    Have you wondered what happens when someone tries to defame “Shiva”-GOD or his will? If not yet, wait for it.
    Om Shanti, Brother.
    P.S. I am not a BK yet.


  2. Hi my BK Cult Intervention Team has created a Facebook group that aims to be a doomsday cult awareness platform:
    1) To return BK loved ones back to their families.

    2) To save BKs from failed marriages, careers, depression, and no life because of blindly following extremely weird, crazy beliefs such as false hopes of a 2,500 years of golden age and a silver age when there will be NO vices, no crimes, no police, no courts, no military, no wars, no sex (golden age viceless deity-like humans reproduce through yoga power), no carnivores (lions, all animals and insects are vegetarian), no accidents, no suffering, no pain, and no sickness HERE ON EARTH… and this history repeats itself every 5,000 years IDENTICALLY.

    3) To return BKs back to NORMAL living rather than living with the false belief that the world will end anytime and coerced by BK Seniors into extreme CULT disciples like daily brainwashing Murli classes, no food cooked by non-BK mothers, and isolation from lokik (physical) families and friends.

    Brahma Kumaris CULT (open public facebook group): click to join >>

    BKC is an insightful BK doomsday cult awareness platform for Members to introduce BKs to the truth, to prove Shiva Baba’s doomsday teachings are absolutely false so that BKs can be saved and have a Wake-Up Call to realize the massive damage done: failed marriages, friendships, studies, loss of ambition, careers, money and property surrendered to the fake god Shiva Baba.

    Ex-BKs are encouraged to SHARE YOUR EX-BK STORY so that more BKs will realize the truth and help stop the BK Cult CANCER from spreading further massive damage to marriages and families through BK cult isolating Shrimat (instructions), doomsday fearmongering, surrendering of money, property, studies & career, and life-defeating, extremely strict Maryadas (disciplines and penances).

    Warmest regards, Whisperer Robert Chaen.
    Reality TV Host of Afterlife Channel, Saving 72 Virgins, and International Cult Expert Keynote Speaker.
    Ex-BK (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with his brother, Tom; and Sister Maureen Chen who is still a top BK), Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981).


  3. Dear Robert,
    Thanks for this article. Absolutely agree with you. I spent nearly 24 years since the age of 15. My life almost destroyed by this bk fake ideology. I was mesmerised. Now I am awake. Slowly undoing the damage. Now I have no existence. God forbid pls save our next generation from the great disaster. It took so long to realise that they are technically wrong.

    My own personal experiences, vivid reading, knowledge of realms and after life & some guardian help that really helped me to think beyond. Now I am confirmed thst their ideology is wrong. After analysing Dada lekraj’s life before he became a medium for a peculiar soul from mid realms (with a proper agenda), it is a conspiracy theory to divert all it’s attention with the help of hindu ideologies. They oppose vedanta. They have hijacked Patanjali’s Rajayoga who had a dualistic approach. They twisted hatha yoga and forced everyone to concentrate at the centre of forehead. Here, they(subtle energies) also used virging power to grab power.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The obsession created by this bk ideology is so deep rooted that the hangover remains with you all your present life. You need a big shock treatment or an earthquake like shake(as it happened to me)for you to realise that you were living a trivial life of completely fake ideology. Because of fear factor(nobody wants to be addressed as a traitor/100 folds punishment) bks normally don’t tend to comeout and speak their mind. Indeed I was one among them. Now I have no fears. Either God or Fear. God is ocean of Love. He never punishes you for being fearless. God can never be so ordinary biased to join a particular organisation and dump the rest (those who don’t follow it) calling them as Kauravas. What a big insult to the hindu community!!!

    Recent raids in the Ashram of Devendra Dixit have proved beyond doubt that idelogy can bind you in a bondage in extreme depths of hell. They believed whatever he said was true. He too eats his daily bread by conspicuously twisting bks ideology in a particular way. Cults should end asap. Otherwise it’s mire dangerous than cancer itself. People do come out of cancer disease but not from cult. My life is my example. There’s not even a single day without repentance for joining this fake org. Neither can forgive nor I can forget those unpleasant memories. Now I am a therapist who deals with Acupuncture, acupressure, hypnotherapy, aura reading, bamboo therapy, depression counselling… own disastrous experience enables me to treat people from stress & depression.

    Appreciate Robert Chaen deep from my heart for creating a platform to help people to come out from taboos of cult life. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A lot more to share. Bunch of experiences. Perhaps later. I believe in destiny and it was my destiny today to find Our personal experiences quite similar. I feel a sigh of relief.

    Liked by 1 person

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