Attracting My own Sword from 2,300 years ago 
[Twin Souls Part 96]

My Antique Sword from The Warring States Period in China.

I have a well preserved Antique Sword from the Warring States period in China (475-221 BC) bought in Hollywood Road, Hong Kong long time ago.
Its dimensions are: 51.2 cm length, 9.8 cm hilt, 4.0 cm blade width at base, 696 grams.

It “found” me like it was really asking me to buy it. I was so attracted to it that I spent half day there talking to the lady antique owner and expert valuator. I could not find any logical reason to buy a very expensive antique Sword but I did on that day.

Sword is 1 of 4 Classic Symbols of a Wizard-Magician representing Spade of the modern playing cards.

The other 3 symbols of a Magician are Wand (Club), Cup (Heart), and Pentacles (Diamond).

I believe one can attract a previous Karmic  Belonging to oneself especially when you are extremely attracted to a particular antique piece and it seems to be ‘haunting’ and obsessing you to buy it (and you don’t know why you want it so badly, and you know you don’t need it at all).

A Symbolic Belonging means an object which symbolizes what you need or want to get at this moment of time maybe it’s a new car, a new MacBook, a new puppy, a drone, a book, a  bag, etc.

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