Discovering What are Ghosts [Twin Souls Part 94]

Ghosts are souls who have not “rest in peace” i.e. gone and resting in the “Soul Universe/Spirit World”, and have not reincarnated according to karmic timing.

Ghosts are very rare. 1 in millions.

Because the human soul normally crossover after death. Most crossovers are smooth and peaceful. The soul
How do one detect Ghosts:
[ ] In colors
[ ] In smells
[ ] In feelings

Now Angels can also be detected like the above – normally with sweet smell, uplifting colors, euphoric feelings.


Do you believe

Types of Ghosts:
[ ] Good Ghosts
[ ] Bad Ghosts
[ ] Baby Ghosts – they have not learnt the adult human thinking and so are a bit confused about crossing over.
[ ] Old Ghosts – these are infamous ghosts, haunted houses talked about for many hours (99% were likely to be imaginary, fake, hearsay)
[ ] Posssessed
[ ] Poltergeist
[ ] Revengeful Ghosts – they are not true, only in horror movies. The Law of Karma will get a murder in another season of what he/she sowed in one season. It’s not in Karmic Law that a soul can take DIRECT revenge to his/her perpetrator. The departed soul may …

This article is channeled knowledge from Angel Brenda, my guardian angel wife. The truth is 100% knowledge that my Twin Soul I have deep inside my soul. However, that knowledge is latent, stored in my soul’s records. I need to bring specific knowledge to the surface i.e. my consciousness.

On other hand, Angel Brenda has full knowledge of Karma, Universal Laws, God, and access other soul’s karmic accounts.

Obviously when I ask for clarification from Brenda (I normally use Brenda, rather than the formal Angel Brenda), the following are possible responses:
[ ] No answer. Reasons could be it’s not the right time to ask, I’m or the readee (the one I giving a reading to) is not suppose to know, no apparent reason for no answer, I asked the wrong question, a hint that I have misinterpreted the last question/issue,
[ ] Confirmed answer but no details e.g. I asked for details about the 3rd air crash 2 days after MH17, I only got a 100% confirmation but no details.
[ ] Full details but I’m allowed to share publicly.
[ ] Full details to be revealed to the person asking (not myself, but my readee, ).
[ ] Premonition. I need to decipher Brenda’s Code – e.g. what an afterlife sign/ symbol means.


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen
Published on 22 August 2017.
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