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Picture: My elegant granny in classic Nyonya dress and inherited Nyonya silver jewellery, luckily with no foot-binding common with the super-rich Chinese). My grandmother (my mother’s mother) was Nyonya i.e. Malacca Straits-born Chinese from Penang. My Grandfather was “Moyet” Hakka. My mum wore traditional Nyonya wedding dress and performed traditional Nyonya wedding rituals with Nyonya bed headpiece. My father is also Hakka with our ancestral home (“Heung Har” in Cantonese) in “Tsang Sing” (Tsang village near Guangzhou)

My First Afterlife & Cross-over Whispering was with my Dying Grandmother 1 day after my Wedding

My first Afterlife & Cross-over Whispering was with my dying Granny who crossed over 40 days after she saw me marry Brenda with a Chinese Wedding Celebration on 27 May 1996 in Ipoh, my hometown in Malaysia.

I soul-whispered to granny on day after my wedding that she should be proud to have lived to see me, her grandson marry. And it’s time to let go as she was very sick, with swollen feet, a sign of  a weak heart.

My first cousin Kelvin tells me a story in last 3 years that at a young boy (we have a big age difference) granny was thought to have died. But he was the only one who saw granny moved slightly. Apparently she had a stroke (brain attack).

My mum was so worried that my Chinese wedding will be cancelled if granny died before the day – as with ancient Chinese traditions.

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Brenda kneeling and offering a cup of Chinese tea to Granny. She only wanted to taste the sweetness of accepting a cup of tea from Brenda and I. She was very sick that she missed the Chinese banquet that wedding celebration night.


“Proof & Secrets of the Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda” eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen.
Chapter # Whispering: The Art & Science of Accessing a Soul’s Data, Sensing Beyond the 5 Senses & Communicating. 

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