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The Malaysian Durian Test

The Malaysian Durian Test: 

The Malaysian Durian Test:
ChangeU Foreign Interns willingly went through the test – out of curiosity. They just barely passed the Durian Test – but they did courageously tried a few times, and ate at least half a seed each – to the amusement and amazement of the store assistants. Malaysia salutes you Durian-Eating Foreigners!

SS2 Durian Stores Closed:
Shocking to see most of the Durian street stores in the 2 famous SS2 Durian lanes are closed as there are not enough Durian supply this year, and hardly any customers during weekday lunch time as the price is double for all Durian species. I wonder is it the Hari Raya holidays.

Robert Chaen & ChangeU supports the Malaysian Durian industry which prides itself on having some of widest variety of the best, most pungent durians in the world.
Read more in Robert Chaen’s blog:

Tasting Durian Specie: Udang Merah aka Hung Har, Red Prawn.
MYR49 per kilo. 2017 has a very low Durian supply so prices have gone up by double.
Musang King is currently RM109 per kilo compared to MYR48 in 2016!

ChangeU Malaysia Dream Team:
Alex Zhukov (Russia), Erican College, Mass Communication
Jenna Idenal, UNITAR, Public Relation
Charlotte Rosseau (France), University of La Rochelle, Masters, International Trade
Robert Chaen, CEO



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