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A Psychic’s Channelling of Supposedly Brenda’s Afterlife Message of Number 4, Papillon (butterfly), and her moving on.

On 15 February 2017 at 10:45 pm, a psychic pull me aside during a public event I was hosting. She said she was channeling Brenda, my crossed-over wife and supposedly Brenda had 3 messages for me:
1) Brenda has only 5 year with me, before she “leaves”.
2) She challenged me to be a true Papillon (butterfly in French, and a famous personal effectiveness workshop I used to co-coach with Brenda) – to truly fly freely.
3) A prominent Number 4 was seen in the psychic vision.
Is this a fake message from an imposter channelled spirit?

Let’s go in a little more detail about this. First of all, I’m very skeptical the spirit the psychic channelled was really Brenda. As the psychic was crying and was very emotional, and I know as truth that a crossed-over spirit or a guardian angel like Brenda does not have any human feelings as one need a human body to sense human feelings and activities. Read how there is no human activity in “Heaven”.

But giving her the benefit of doubt, human channels of guardian angels and ghosts (they are different) often times filter through their own human perceptions and limited understanding. Therefore, the psychic who is well known to be a drama queen and highly emotional, she could be interpreting to her best human perception.

Secondly, the “channelled” Brenda was visibly upset as the psychic held both my hands very tightly and whispered that I did not do anything for her during Valentine’s Day, a day before.

I replied to that spirit that it’s not true that I did re-post a Valentine’s Poem which I had written 1 year ago. She had then responded by having one of my blog post received 45,000+ views in 2 days compared to around 300 views per day. I talked to her more so than usual.

The channeled spirit wanted me to give an offering of her favorite dessert. Brenda didn’t have any particular dessert but I knew she like sesame paste Chinese soup dessert and tong yuen (glutinous balls in ginger soup).

I did offer Brenda of the above Chinese desserts the next day out of “duty” even though I never had such an afterlife request before.  On 20 February 4 days later one of my interns and I saw a very low-flying light brown hawk fly around 50 feet away. This I can confirm is more of Brenda’s usual Afterlife Sign Patterns as she known as Hawk Medicine in Native American beliefs (medicine meaning the spirit of Hawk medicine is “Messenger”).

On 20 February a separate scenario happened very suddenly with one of my staff ‘s first cousin Cassie Tee who went in coma after 2 days checking into Subang Medical. On this day she was expected to pass away from an infected and collapsed lung probably from pneumonia.

To be fair the psychic was spot on when she channelled Brenda on 20 December 2014 as she gave an afterlife sign of “pink”. Apparently she rang the door bell which 8 people hear it, and the psychic told me 7 hours later that it was Brenda who rang the door bell once and was standing by the gate. I thought to myself it must have been very important for her to ring a door bell.

I mean she had started 2 cars before one after another with music playing, air con on, and the lights on in day time, but ringing the door bell was a “first time” from Brenda, and there are many first times afterlife signs from Brenda.

A day later I received an FB message that my Godson Todd Man had crossed over around 1:20 pm on 20 December. I searched for a good photo for my tribute writing for my Godson. I found one very beautiful photo of both them in the best of health and hugging each other closely. Brenda was wearing a PINK t-shirt.


Back to the Point number 1: I asked the psychic if she only have 5 years with me, then she only have less than 2 years left. I asked the psychic does that mean she will reincarnate in 2 years’ time. I received no answer.

Point umber 2: Okay, It is true I can do more to be free as fly as a Papillon (butterfly) as I coach attendees of my Papillon Personal Effectiveness workshop.

Point number 3: What is this Number 4 Afterlife sign?
I told the psychic that it could I was born on 4 September, or it could be anything related to 4, may be my brother Andrew born on 4 May. Right now there are no further dots to connect, so let’s wait for more dots if any to appear.


Oh, by the way, one of the 4 bats appeared on 22 February on the birthday of CE Teoh after a few weeks of Chinese New Year “break”.  Teoh’s wife and Brenda died on the Same Date Deaths of 23 December – 3 years apart.


From Twin Souls Whispering between Whisperer Robert Chaen & Angel Brenda.

whispering baby

Published on 23 February 2017.
Updated on 24 February 2017.

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