Eating Menglembu Groundnuts a tradition during Chinese New Year. OPEN HOUSE CNY@Robert Chaen

Kung Hey Fat Choy.
Lai See Tor Loy!

Mock Far Sung (crack open groundnuts) is the most favorite snack (besides pumpkin seeds) and conversation activity during Chinese New Year to catch up on the past year’s news.

Here displayed are Mee Hiong Yuen’s Fisherman Brand Menglembu Roasted Groundnuts, Shet Kay Ma, Yeh Chee Tong (old traditional coconut candy).

Open House: come and mock far sung with Robert during the 15 days of CNY.

I talked with the manager of Mee Hiong Yuen main shop in Jalan Besar Sungai Siput. He revealed that originally groundnuts were grown and processed in Menglembu, later all the big 3 factories (Ngan Yin, Pagoda, Mee Hiong Yuen) moved to Sungai Siput. But the “Menglembu Groundnuts” branding was so strong that it stuck through the decades around the world.

This must be the best freshies Menglembu Groundnuts as they fresh from the factory nearby. Slightly salty but good “fat size” (not like some skinny size ones).

#RobertChaenReview (food): 9 | 10.

The History of the Famous Menglembu Groundnuts.
A long time ago, during the Tin Rush 1880s, many people from China left their homeland to seek fortunes else where in the world. They ventured into all corners of the world and some landed in Malaya, where they made their home in Menglembu, Perak. Their main activity is mining tin.

As this grew, so did the other economic pursuits, one of which is growing groundnuts. The people of Menglembu soon learned to love the groundnuts for its unique flavor and crunchiness. Before long, the term ‘Menglembu Groundnuts’ became a household name. [source: Ngan Yin Hand Brand).