“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
Someone is paying first,
then the diner pay later – a lot more.
But it works. It’s called lose-win-win.”
~ Robert
Chaen, the Creator of Dragon CEO

A FREE lunch works.
It’s called Lose-Win-Win.
i.e. I lose-you win-I always win.

Good marketers, casinos, and food outlets know this basic human trait.
First the outlet lose by giving away free lunches for those who are willingly tempted.
Then the willing diner wins as he or she enjoys a 100% satisfying free lunch.
While eating the diner couldn’t resist buying items from the outlet, the outlet or the house (casino) ALWAYS WINS.

Actually for casinos, they offer a FREE Hotel stay instead.
The hotel guest stays and lose thousands $$$ happily, and with the eternal hope that he will win big next time, or the next time.

The pro gamblers after paying heavy “tuition fees”, finally are so disciplined that they can win against all odds. It’s a hate-love relationship but both need each other. Why?

Because the winner pro gamblers or big lottery winners bring eternal hope, fantasy, admiration from the 99.9% majority of loser gamblers.

Humans love free lunches, cash incentives, and angpows from their parents, relatives, bosses, partners, BFFs, BF, sugar daddies, suppliers, casinos, and politicians. All are willing parties. It makes the world go round.

Some people even bargain with the Devil (like Darth Vader to save his beloved wife), or with God (I do this sacrifice or donation, if God grant me my wish first).

It’s true humans need God the most when they are in deep trouble. When things are good, humans forget God. Then Karma hits them again, and they pray to God again.

So at Dragon CEO, I actually give away a full 5-Star Buffet Dinner in the form of a US$2,000 2 day PowerWorkshop with 2 free lunches thrown in. It is NOT a free preview like other cheapskate management gurus. Once you have tasted the powerworkshop, you’ll want to learn about other Dragon CEO tools and you want to open big doors of opportunities in Movsha network

~ By Dragon CEO Creator Robert Chaen

Free Lunch is a concept in Dragon CEO Certification.
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