TWICE is making history with their current album right now and they don’t have any plans of stopping. The 9 girl Kpop band started last 2015 and they never looked back ever since.

TWICE: Road To Stardom

The band’s success didn’t happen overnight. It is a culmination of hard work, patience and belief that they will excel sooner or later and surely they did. They just released their second album last month and right now they are already being compared to two legendary Kpop Girl Bands, 2NE1 and Girls Generation. Their fan base is also amazing to say the least. They have fans all over the world and they are more than ready to perform for them. Their second album titled TWICEcoaster already won multiple awards. All of their songs are epic especially their carrier single TT.

TWICE, BTS and 2NE1 are the only Kpop bands who were able to climb up the Billboard charts and stayed for more than 4 weeks. On the other note, Psy holds the record of the longest tenure in Billboard hit charts for a Korean artist. Their biggest rival right now is BLACKPINK who also returned from their hiatus. There are no bad blood between the two bands as shown in one of the awards show. However, we are privilege to watch their healthy competition as they go head to head onwho should be considered as the best kpop girl band right now.

The Magnificent 9 of TWICE

Everyday, we have this question on the internet on who is the leader and who is the most beautiful member of TWICE. Ranking them is harder than expected because they have different features and different styles. But to end this question, we are going to create a poll to check on who should be tagged as the Queen of TWICE.

Nayeon. The oldest member of the group. She started her career in 2013 with 6mix, a JYP group but never debuted. She secretly joined TWICE in an open audition and became a trainee. Nayeon also made several cameo appearance with her label mates. She was there in Jun K’s video “No Love and Miss A’s “Only You”. Her signature look is long hair, pig tailed.

Jeongyeon. Acting and singing is in her blood as she is the younger sister of actress Gong Seung-Yeon. She was constantly teased by her peers due to a boyish name which she legally changed when she was in third grade. She is considered as the big sister of the 9 members of the band. She is known by her low cut hair.

Momo Hira or Momo is one of the member who was born in Japan. She is the main dancer of the group and would love to lead them in getting their grove. Momo is not new when it comes to performing. She started at a very young age and cited Amuro Namie as her greatest influenced to join to the business.

Sana Minatozaki. Unlike the other members, Sana’s interest with Kpop started late. She is a quiet young lady from Japan who was mesmerized by Girls Generation and KARA. She was scouted by JYP entertainment and was asked if she wants to audition to form a new Kpop Girl band. As per fans, she has the most unique smile due to her perfect teeth.

Jihyo. The leader and main vocalist of the group. She started joining competition when she was in third grade. She was spotted by JYP Entertainment and didn’t let go of it. She has the most collaboration with other artist when it comes to music. She trained with the company for almost 10 years before officially joining the group. Jihyo’s trademark is her cats eye.

Mina Myoui. Born in San Antonio Texas, her parents decided to bring her back to their native land. During that time, she was busy studying different dance genres. She is often called as the ballerina of the group due to her experience in dancing and studying the genre. She appeared in the musicvideos of Got7’s “Stop Stop It”, Junho’s “Feel”, Wooyoung’s “R.O.S.E”, and Miss A’s “Only You”.

Kim DaHyun or Dahyun is the rockstar of the group. She was scouted by JYP entertainment when they saw her video at a church performing Hillsongs’ The Power Of Love”. She loves dancing more than singing as she mentioned but to be honest, she can do both without any problem. She is currently studying at Hanlim Multi Art School. Dahyun is also craziest of the group.

Chaeyoung. According to the members of the group she is very shy but aggressive at the same time. She is also attending Hanlim Multi Art School as a 10th grader. Her major would be in practical music. She was also a schoolmate of Yeoreum of Cosmic Girls.She’s the second youngest member of the group and also one of the pranksters. She loves staying late just watching videos in youtube.

Lastly, Tzuyu. The youngest member of the group is also the prettiest according to one of the respected magazine sites. She might be young but she can definitely perform. She’s still a freshman at Hanlim Multi Art School. Tzuyu’s face is considered angelic as perceived by the media. Her crazy antics and mannerisms makes her unique. Last month, there was a report stating that Indian man went crazy on her because of her viral gif photo.

By Dez Bryant , Nov 26, 2016

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