Awareness of Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness. Carrie Fisher was one of famous people with Bipolar Disorder.

Katy Perry’s song Hot N Cold is about Bipolar and her experience with his Ex Russel Brand >>



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Adam Ant
Russell Brand (plus ADHD, Bulimia)
Mariah Carey

Robert Chaen
Winston Churchill
Kurt Cobain
Charles Dickens
Richard Dreyfuss
Carrie Fisher
Larry Flynt
Stephen Fry
Mel Gibson
Macy Gray
Linda Hamilton
Ernest Hemingway
Vivien Leigh
Abraham Lincoln
Demi Lovato
Burgess Meredith
Marilyn Monroe (plus Borderline PD)
Isaac Newton
Friedrich Nietzsche
Florence Nightingale
Edgar Allan Poe
Sinead O’Connor
Axl Rose
Nina Simone
Frank Sinatra
Dusty Springfield
Ted Turner
Mike Tyson
Ludwig van Beethoven
Jean Claude Van Damme
Vincent Van Gogh
Amy Winehouse
Virginia Woolf
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Published on 28 December 2016.
Updated on 12 April 2018.