A Lawyer complicates life and business.

Know WHEN to use and when not to use a Lawyer, especially in Divorce, Marketing, Business and Branding.

Lawyers use the client’s official name in every legal document.
Marketers use the client’s stage/business/performance name instead of a “Loser” name like Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (George Michael), or Ralph Lifshitz (Ralph Lauren).

Lawyers take the hardline approach to take as much from the client’s spouse. Bottom line the divorcees are losers and the lawyers are the big winners.
Marketers take the less heartless softline approach and believe in goodwill, compromise. It is best to appeal to the heart for compassion in custody and possessions.

Lawyers want to patent, copyright, and trademark everything.
Marketers want the brand to go viral as the market leader and a brand leader has many followers and copycats.

Lawyers want every terms and conditions, rigid clauses signed on every page. For them a business contract is to cover the ass in all ways possible.
Marketers wants maximum flexibility to break the rules if necessary even if it is counter-intuitive. For them a gentleman’s verbal agreement and integrity is much more important than the written contract which can be disputed and deliberately misinterpreted by another lawyer.

If Lawyers are copywriters, the headline will be more than 6 words, factual, with the brand name prominently mentioned.
Marketing copywriters know the headline is 80% of the power of the ad, and will write the most important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) into the headline and slogan, usually with no mention of the brand except subtly maybe in the subheadline, and the bottom line call to action. Marketers sell the sizzle (benefits), not the steak (features).

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