The Amazing Albino Animals

Albinism is a congenital disorder that robs the skin, hair and eyes of color. Albinos are extremely pale and as such, suffer from sun burns and skin cancers more frequently than non-albinos. The lack of eye pigmentation can also cause problems. Human albinos often require surgery or wear corrective lenses.

Albino animals face almost insurmountable odds when they’re born in the wild. Baby albinos are seen as an oddity within their own species and are more visible to predators. These animals may also be cursed with imperfect vision or other health problems.
Robert’s view:
Albino Media Games-Events-MICE, a division of ChangeU takes its inspiration from the famous albino animals which stands out from the crowd and noise of Red Ocean Competitors.

The Top #1 Albino Animals survive against all odds, discrimination, prejudice, character assassination,

“The UGLY DUCKLING” in their early career will later become the elegant Swan who rise above politics, corruption, and herd mentality.