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The Best ChangeU Intern 2016 Nominee Month

December is”The Best ChangeU Intern 2016 Nominee Month”.
This is ChangeU’s Oscar.
Vote for your favorite ChangeU Intern here in

NOTE: Robert Chaen is the CEO of ChangeU International.

The competition to be nominated is getting tougher and fiercer to choose WHO will be “The Best ChangeU Intern of the Year”.

The quality, performance, presence, and energy of this year’s Nominees are the highest ever. Make no mistake EVERY ChangeU Intern is unique and contribute in many different ways.

For example, bringing in business as an Intern is not even required by many organizations. But some ChangeU Interns had brought in business, and expanded our database. But is bottom-line business the most treasured in ChangeU.

The 10 Criteria for being Nominated and to win the Award are (in no particular order):
● Passion for ChangeU
● Biggest Impact Contribution
● Business development & performance
● Leadership
● Creativity
● Personal Transformation of one’s “Dark Side”
● Chemistry, fun, laughter, truth, love, crying, touching the heart
● Feel good factor
● The Total Package – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beauty
● The Winner as an Outstanding Role Model – The Epitome of ChangeU’s Intern of the Year

As you can see, most of these criteria are not measurable and which intangible value is more important.

Watch this space.

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