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Workplace safety beyond the office: the new paradigm in OSHA [SME News]


[Transcript of SME article]

The Drager self defence programme will equip employees with the skills needed in the event the unexpected occurs. This added sense of security is what ChangeU International founder Robert Chaen hopes to bring to the working world.

“We are creating the urgent need for personal safety within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) initiative for private employers, GLCs and the government sector,” said Chaen.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 is a piece of Malaysian legislation which makes provisions for securing the safety, health and welfare of persons at work.

Drager Defense was born when Robert Chaen, creator of the programme, saw how crimes like snatch thefts, beatings, rapes and robberies had affected his clients, friends and tycoon associates like Walter Kwok, previous chairman of Sun Hung Kai Property, Hong Kong, who was kidnapped and ransomed for HK$600 million.

Chaen worked together with a World Karate Gold Medalist Champion, Lenugajothi Sivam and other world class self-defence experts to create an OSHA-compliant self-defence system.

Present at the recent launch of the Public Powercamps, a component of Drager Defense aimed at the public, was YHM Datuk Setia Jaya Pahang Tunku Dato Iskandar Dzulkarnain DIMP who also officiated the event. Demonstrations of the programme were conducted by Chaen, Sivam and other self-defence experts.

Chaen stated that there is a lack of self-defence coaching provided for employees. This is a gap that he hopes the Drager Defence programme will plug.

“The problem with OSHA is that its main focus tends to be on employees while they’re on the premises of their workplace, meaning ‘as long as you’re in my building, I need to protect you and keep you safe’. We’re shifting that mindset. In reality, your university or office is pretty safe but not the journey to and from. This is where crime is most likely to happen,” Chaen said.

“My vision is that the private and government sectors will take the personal safety issue more seriously. What I find differentiates our programme from others is that ours is more about a change of mindset and less about technique. With women in particular, if you’re under attack, there’s no room for politeness.”

Despite personal safety initiatives usually targeting women, Chaen emphasised the importance of empowering men as well.

“Although the majority of participants tend to be women, from our survey we found that many women are encouraging more men to attend as men can also be subject to violence, bullying and even kidnapping.“

Drager Defense comprises four components:

  • Public powercamps
    A component accessible for the general public
  • In-house corporate and government departments powercamps
    An OSHA learning programme for private corporations, GLCs and government departments
  • Train-the-trainer certification
    One to three Drager-certified coaches implement, coach, and maintain Drager Defense for at least 300 staff within an organisation with the programme’s latest updates
  • Celebrity and public figures powercamp
    Celebrities and public figures are free to learn the programme without harassment from fans and followers.

Multinational corporations such as Public Bank, Google, Allianz, P&G and Unilever have already introduced OSHA self-defence core programmes. MSME

SME News JUNE 25 – JULY 8, 2016
By Susanna Lim


1. Rape.JPG

3. Chin Hit.JPG


1. Drager Defense - with New Slogan

Introduction to DRAGER Defense, the Talking Tiger, Daring Dragon System 


Alert – it’s about yelling or waving to draw attention of the public to help you in a dangerous situation.
Outwit – it’s about outsmarting an attacker through unexpected distractions, shock, and tricks.
Protect – it’s about using easy methods to protect your head and body, and escape from being grabbed, molested or raped.

Personal Safety and Self Defense is now the most trending problem in the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) initiative. Personal safety is no longer limited to the workplace only, but on the way to work and after work.

He researched about personal safety and found many martial arts schools offering classes, but there were no courses for corporations and the public to learn how to defend against snatch thieves, robbery, bullying, house break-ins, or rape.

He made sure the course design is user-friendly and not focused on traditional martial arts, rather the coaching should focus on easy quick ways to ALERT the public for help, OUTWIT the attackers, and PROTECT your head and body, and face the attackers.

Drager is our beautiful and empowering mascot is a mythological hybrid between dragon & tiger.

Our survey shows the many people have read about personal safety BUT most people actually FREEZE or become HELPLESS during an attack. Why? Because they had not been coached, and they were totally taken by surprise. Not anymore. It’s a highly interactive workshop with real life scenarios, lots & lots of practice, and personal coaching.

This is probably THE most important self & family safety workshop you’ll ever need to learn – to save you and your loved ones’ lives.

Read more about Drager Defense, the new OSHA core initiative, course outline and FAQ >




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