Men are like a fine wine or cheese – they need to be aged.

3 Reasons to Date a Man Older than You (Dating up) by Laurel House, Dating Coach.

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1. Older guys are more evolved.
They’ve been there, done that. They’ve seen the world. Their interests are vast.
Be a more “layered” person, you are more interesting, more valuable.

2. He likely to have the funds to have the amazing experiences.
You are going to ride along with him. You want to experience life. This guy has passion. You want to get infected with that passion.

3. If you want to settle down, he is ready to.
Guys in the 20s is all about defining who they are, it’s about work. It’s not about you.
You are the mistress to his career.
You want to be the priority, the focus. As soon as you are the priority, he is going to put on the same focus on business on you.