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All About That Choc that makes Women want to Date Men


All About That Choc that Makes Women Want to Date Men (True Love)

We talked to 3 beautiful ladies from 3 races to talk about what they think is true love, what would get them in the mood for love, and – all about that chocolate.

Love 18°
Handmade Chocolates

Order online at

Best tasting temperature: 18°C
This product does not contain preservatives,
please consume as soon as possible.

Product: Love 18° Handmade Chocolates
Owner: Eddie Lee
Creative concept: Craig Santy, American Film & Reality TV producer of Looper, Resident Evil, Hogans Knows Best, and Crime 360.
President of Chaen-Santy Media, subsidiary of ChangeU International.
Videography: Craig Santy
CEO of ChangeU: Robert Chaen
Video Editing: Febriana Ramadhanya
Talent: Nas Alyssa, Sue May, Lisa Marie


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