This is my “First Maldivian Adventure with Lubna Ali” Story. She was hired in a tough Group Interview Intern Contest that eliminated 6 others. She is my second Maldivian intern after Jalala Saleem (2013).


When Lubna first joined she was happy-go-lucky, always smiling, great fun to be with, and high energy. And her weaknesses were she was quite green, too soft, and did not know what to fight for and what not to fight for.

I admit I was ultra-tough with her. I really scolded her 3 times in the heat of stressful deadlines. The third and last time she came back the next day and really shined in the the next day workshop. She transformed before our eyes.

Then Lubna told me she convinced her Dad to offer me one of the Honeymoon Suites at their family’s Loona Hotel, food, and Shifaz as my own PA to take me around! She was also so persuasive to get her Dad to give me a 3D2N stay at Paradise Island Resort.

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Lubna & I given a grand Maldivian Welcome with Garlands!


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In front of Loona Hotel with my new friends a Moroccan named Oussama from Anantara Oman & a Danish named Nina Nyenstad from Anantara Kihavah Villas.

I traveled with Lubna to Malé, Maldives and stayed at Loona Hotel in Hulhumale Beach from 5 to 12 May 2016.

2016-05-06 09.08.15.jpg

My CEO Work-Eat-Play Sofa-Coffee Table with a Hulhumale Beach View to Thrill and Inspire! I became the Loona Hotel’s Resident DJ playing Top Hits and Cool Jazz!

2016-05-08 16.02.18.jpg

Adam Naseer and Izmeera Shiham (HR Manager, Auditor General’s Office)

I was about to go and enjoy Paradise Island Resort when an unexpected appointment was made with Adam Naseer, Director of Technical Services, Auditor General’s Office (AGO) on Sunday 8 May. Maldives off days are Fridays & Saturdays as it’s an Islamic nation. Immediately both agreed for me to coach AGO Top Management with 1 day to organize and print training materials!


A Graduation Team Photo of a partial team of 25 attendees

My first Maldivian workshop was a huge success! Adam and Izmeera then introduced us to key connections which we had meetings with.

1. IMG_1771.JPG

Mohamed Shafeez, CFO of HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation)


Maldivian Airlines building faces the sea

2. IMG_1870.JPG

Ahmed Nasir, Head of Maldives Media Institute @Salt Rolf Top


Lubna is just completed 60% of her internship period. She did so well that I let her continue her internship in Maldives to do fierce marketing and big sales for the Annual Malé Night Market which her family had 6-7 stores.

1. IMG_0801.JPG

Lubna & her mum @Annual Male Night Market


1. IMG_0850 - Copy.JPG

Ali Ahmed Naseer, Lubna’s dad, Chairman of Prop Travels & Prop P.L.

Now Lubna Ali has transformed into being ambitious, expressive, professional (she edifies me during client meetings). She is starting to ask for what she wants and likes – rather than being passive.

Watch out! This “ex-doormat”, whom others used to walk all over her, is now in charge!
She tells me she has plans to take over her father’s businesses which I previously warned her the construction industry is extremely tough and the owner really need to show who is boss and direct the team and rough and uncouth construction workers. I’m now confident she will find her own leadership style.


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Sunrise at Hulhumale Beach

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Loona Hotel Hulhumale Beach