I recently attended a show. A crew member told the audience not to post photos of the show until 1 month later. However, they were very loose in imposing photo and video taking. The show host and crew openly encouraged photo opp and posed with fans.

Two whole weeks later, the show host and manager went berserk and rudely demanding people to immediately take down photos posted in Facebook, and even threatening unimposable legal action. I think the organizers were at fault in being too loose during the show – it sends an opposite message. They were simply too naive to think that fans would not post per-show photos in their Facebook. Monkey see, monkey do!

So now some fans are so fed up and pissed. They may likely boycott the show, and not post any photos after the approved date. There are still no pre-show publicity or trailers so they seem very inexperienced and unsophisticated. We should really offer them the benefit of doubt as they are obviously new in the industry.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes like “originally you are already looking good but you thought that you want to look even better by doing something. In the end because of your rude and bad behavior you now appear to be ugly and looked like you scratched your own face.”

It’s a shame really as Craig Santy and I actually have some Producers in Los Angeles who want to consider this show host for a movie part in a comedy, and we have some clients who could use this show host in their big annual conventions. But, obviously he kind of shot himself in the foot.

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Now there many degrees of strictness in pre-show photo posting. The strictest will be the final episode of a Reality TV show when the winner is chosen but the winner, contenders, and audience had pledged to keep secret of the end results such as in the final episode of Survivor or The Apprentice.

In these ultra stict shows there are camera police who would stand in front of the audience but still behind the cameras to point at culprits and shame them in public. Or they usually ban all cameras and smartphones on the set. Period.

Then there are shows which are less strict and the organizers actually want the audience to blog or post photos so they hope that it goes viral. At Chaen-Santy Media we are involved in both official and unofficial “publicity leaks” which bring enormous PRE-show buzz – but of course without any video clip of the show itself. Some “leaked” pre-show photos are very effective in generating traction, publicity, and most importantly viral curiosity for the fans to wait eagerly for the show release.

It’s common practice to have 2-3 “publicity leaks” something similar to Jimmie Kimmel’s pre-Release Date parody on the first meeting between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne which was also in the Movie Trailer.

There are many wacky creative Pre-show & Post-show Publicity Stunt Magic that Chaen-Santy Media and our Orange Army Social Influencers are famous for.


Published on 5 May 2016.
Updated on 15 May 2016 (12:25 am)