Say something, I’m giving up on you in Facebook
A Wizard Chaen Social Experiment


Social Experiment: Say nothing in Facebook and expect sympathy and concerns.


On Sunday 13 March 2016, I posted the following 3 short sentences in my personal Facebook timeline as a social experiment:
I’m leaving Malaysia for good!
I had enough!
You can go LOVE yourself!

My post had no emojis, no pictures, no details – nothing to give a little clue why I sounded so upset.

Now, why do people do that in Facebook, or other social media i.e. say or rant something that implies you are very upset but give absolutely no details. You expect friends to read your silent mind.

This is as bad as politicians and murderers who threaten to reveal everything but say and do nothing for months!

No names, no facts, no substance! Why are you wasting our time threatening nothing.
Just shut up.

To me, it’s so irritating to try to guess what’s the matter with the writer.
For example if someone posts “I hate you.”

Is he talking about me, his ex, his mistress? Who?

Is she talking about an incident 1 day ago, 1 month ago, 3 past lives ago? When?

Is he or he dying, sick, depressed, or heart-broken? Why?

Is he talking about his workplace, his home, his toilet? Where?

Is she ok? Does she need my tender, loving and caring massage or help from me? How?

Or importantly, is he thinking of killing himself? What? Say something.

My “angry” posting was highly unusual in my normal patterns of behavior. I personally do not post any spontaneous ranting with no details. I don’t whine, I’m not a complaining type.

As a polished alpha Diamond Leader, coach and CEO of ChangeU, I don’t want to waste people’s time to be concerned or worried about me. So I never post something that says nothing. By the way, unpolished “alphas” are people or bosses who are very tough, blunt, and arrogant like Donald Trump.

The first response to my FB posting came 24 minutes later from a staff member – but no comments or concerns about my leaving Malaysia for good. I mean the implications are huge for my staff, right.

Or are my friends so immune that they don’t feel any concern at all?

“Say something, or shut up!
Or I’m giving up on you in Facebook.”
~ Robert “Wizard” Chaen

Robert Chaen is the CEO of ChangeU.

Published on 26 March 2016 (2:10 pm)
Updated on 28 March 2016 (12:52 pm)