Daji the 9-Tailed Fox: Another Chinese drama is deemed too sexy by the censors

Daji the 9-Tailed Fox: Another Chinese drama is deemed too sexy by the censors

Nancy Z on Sun, Mar 08, 2015

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First it was The Empress of China that was banned on Chinese TV until the crucial scenes were edited to remove sexy cleavages to protect the public. Now, another Chinese drama called The Investiture of the Gods has come under the unforgiving editing knives of the Chinese censors. Check out these 9 photos of fabulous costumes from the drama.

The Investiture of the Gods is a drama based on a novel written in the 16th century that fused mythical characters, legends, and actual historical figures to tell a fantasy story. The popular story has been made into movies and dramas many times, but the 2015 version must have become too “sexy” for the censors, because the scenes where cleavages are showing have been trimmed leaving just the headshots, just like what happened with The Empress of China.

One of the leading culprits in the story is Da Ji, the beautiful queen who was adored and pampered by the last emperor of Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago. In historical archives, she was blamed as a seductress who tempted the emperor to become addicted to extravagant orgies. The cruel emperor killed anyone who questioned her influence. He was eventually overthrown, thus ending the Shang Dynasty, and the evil queen was executed.

In many of the stories and dramas about Da Ji, she was portrayed as a nine-tailed fox that transformed into human form. This is why actress Li Yi Xiao, who plays Da Ji, wears furry hairdo and costumes in some of the photos.

With the story taking place so long ago, we don’t really know what Da Ji would have looked like. This is a perfect opportunity for the makeup artist and costume designer to showcase their creative talents. It should also be noted that this drama is actually the sequel to last year’s Investiture of the Gods which didn’t get into trouble with the censors.

Do you think these costumes are too revealing? Would you be interested in watching this drama?

~ NancyZdramaland

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[source: https://www.dramafever.com/news/chinese-drama/ ]


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